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Archive SE 1.1.5يعد برنامج Archive SE نظامًا مثاليًا يقوم بحفظ الملفات (أو ضغطها) في مجموعة من التنسيقات المتنوعة مثل (.tar.gz و.gz و.zip). ويتيح هذا البرنامج للمستخدمين إمكانية حفظ كميات كبيرة من الملفات في مكان واحد وتوفير المساحة، وتكون هذه الخاصية ضرورية إلى حد كبير في حالة حفظ ملفات HTML أو الصور أو إرسال ملفات عبر الإنترنت أو لمجرد إعداد نسخًا احتياطية. ويستطيع هذا المحرك الخاص بفك ضغط الملفات بمعالجة ملفات Rar. كما يتيح استخدام الملفات المحفوظة بتنسيق Tar Gzip وهي خاصية مفيدة خصوصًا عند إعداد نسخًا احتياطية

Archive SE
Archive SE is a useful system which can archive or compress files in a variety of known formats targz, gz and zip

Archive SE is a useful system which can archive or compress files in a variety of known formats targz, gz and zip This allows users to keep large quantities of files in one place and to save space, which is especially useful if you are archiving source code, HTML files, photographs, sending items over the internet or just for backup purposes

The decompression engine can also process Rar files

The system is designed to allow easy use of Tar Gzip archives which is of particular use when backing-up The system always appends files so that previous
versions of files are not overwritten and lost, this is especially useful for source code As the Tar Gzip format is widely used on Unix machines, archives produced by users on Unix systems can be easily accessed, appended or altered, without having to decompress and extract the archive to get at its contents

With the simple and intuitive interface you can easily find items, which you can then drag n drop to extract You can add items in the same way by dragging n dropping new items to be appended to the archive

In Windows XP or newer the option of listing the archive using a tiled view, greatly enhances the information shown for each item This saves having to get the item properties or having to set the view to details

Here are some key features of Archive SE

Easily see the folder structure of the archive in one view and with the folder view you can navigate the folders quickly The folder view can also be easily switched off to offer more window space
Show the files and subfolders that are in the currently selected folder
Show files and folders as tiles Windows XP or later only, icons, list, and details
Easy navigation with simple back and forward similar to Windows Explorer
Add and extract files or folders in your archive using drag and drop
Easily delete files and folders and their subfolders from you archive
Shows encrypted files with a padlock for easy identification this can be turned off in the preferences
The image below shows an example of the Archive SE editor


30-day trial, 50-use trial

What's New in This Release

A problem running the trial for some users has been fixed

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