VR Commander 3.2

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VR Commander 3.2برنامج VR Commander هو برنامج للتحكم في البرامج من خلال الأوامر الصوتية. يضيف برنامج VR Commander إمكانية التحكم في أي تطبيق يعمل بنظام تشغيل الويندوز من خلال أوامر صوتية. ويمنح المستخدم إمكانية التحكم في المفاتيح وتشغيل أي ملف وكذلك إدخال نصوص في الألعاب والتطبيقات من خلال الأوامر الصوتية. إن هذه التقنية متميزة بل إنها تقنية مستخدمة في أحدث أنواع الطائرات المقاتلة.

VR Commander
Voice control for vitually any windows based application

VR Commander is a state of the art voice command and control program that adds a voice interface to virtually any windows based application Simulate keystrokes, run any file or script and input text strings of any size into games and applications using voice commands

VR Commander is a software that helps you control your started programs

This technology is so powerful it is used to command and control some of today's most advanced fighter aircraft
We even support Bluetooth microphones If you use VOIP, you need VR Commander

VR Commander’s main uses are for command and control of
Games and Simulators
CAD Applications
Business Applications

VR Commander is designed to augment the use of keyboard and mouse to control games and applications

Here are some key features of "VR Commander"

Intuitive Operation
Launch any file or macro using Voice Commands
Simulate Keystrokes using Voice Commands
Input text strings into applications using Voice Commands
Integrates with VOIP Programs
Lightning Fast Response Time
Supports Bluetooth Microphones
Non-Intrusive - Does not get in the way of the application or playing the game
Application Templates - Easy to set up, Powerful to use
Built in Noise Cancellation - Incredible Performance
Speaker Independent - No User Training Required
Voice Recognition Technology
Command & Control versus Dictation versus Wave Pattern Matching
Continuous versus Discrete


Minimum RAM 128MB 4 MG Free Disk Space Pentium 2 450 MHz CPU or faster


After your 3 Day Free Trial, you will have the option to purchase a license of VR Commander for $2995

What's New in This Release

Updated license technology
extended trial period
added new standard template

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