WindowFX 3.0

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WindowFX 3.0يضيف برنامج WindowFX العديد من المؤثرات الطريفة إلى نظام تشغيل الويندوز. مثلاً يقوم البرنامج بإضافة ظلال على النوافذ. ويقوم بتغيير شكل أيقونات تصغير النافذة وتكبير النافذة وإغلاق النافذة. كما يشتمل على العديد من المؤثرات من ناحية شكل النوافذ وبعض المؤثرات الخاصة بالأيقونات وغيرها. هذا إلى جانب بعض الخصائص التي تخص عناصر شريط المهام. وغيرها من الخصائص مثل التحكم في مهام زر الماوس الأوسط وغيرها مما يضفي مؤثرات جذابة عند العمل بنظام تشغيل الويندوز

WindowFX - Add drop shadows, morphing and more to Windows

WindowFX is a revolutionary new program that allows you to add an unprecedented number of special effects to windows

WindowFX adds special effects fx to your Windows experience Effects include shadows under windows, min/max/close/open animations, window dragging effects, window tiling, window scaling, alt-tab task switching options, taskbar preview thumbnails and much more

WindowFX when combined with WindowBlinds can give your Windows XP system
a next-generation Windows look and feel The two complement each other (and are developed by the same team within Stardock)

WindowFX takes advantage of your video card to provide the effects without losing down your computer Stardock does caution that it does require a reasonable good video card with modern drivers to get the most out of WindowFX is, bar none, the most advanced visual enhancement utility for Microsoft Windows No other program comes even remotely close to what it can do

Here are some key features of WindowFX

True, alpha blended shadows under windows
Ability to morph windows when minimizing and maximizing
Several different morphing effects available
A set of window opening and closing animations
Ability to have large icons on the desktop while having normal sized icons everywhere else
Wide range of semi-transparency options such as making windows, the start bar, menus, and more semi-transparent
Various special effects for Windows desktop icons and their labels
A set of special effects for menus when opened and closed
User defined size for windows to maximize to
Able to add more transition special effects and shadows created by users


30 day trial

What's New in This Release

Enables a bunch of effects to be tried out in the free version and incorporates the window dragging features

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