DataMite 1.21

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DataMite 1.21برنامج DataMite هو أداة لاستخراج البيانات. يستطيع البرنامج ترشيح البيانات بسرعة وطباعتها كما يستطيع تصدير البيانات بعدة تنسيقات ملفات مختلفة. ويمكن الاستفادة بهذه البيانات بأي طريقة من خلال استخدام خاصية sql query builder. أحيانًا يمر المستخدم بموقف يكون بين يديه مستند مهم ويحتوي على معلومات نافعة إلا أنه لا يستطيع استخراج هذه المعلومات لإعداد تقرير ما مثلا؛ تقوم أداة DataMite report باستخراج بيانات التقرير وتحويل هذه البيانات دون الحاجة إلى أي عمليات برمجية.

DataMite is a useful and highly customizable data extraction tool which can quickly filter, print and export data

DataMite is a useful and highly customizable data extraction tool which can quickly filter, print and export data to multiple file formats Using a sophisticated visual sql query builder the data can be manipulated in a any way wanted The built-in export and report builders are very easy to use yet

Ever struggled with a document where all the data you needed was there but you couldn't extract it to create your own report? DataMite report-mining and data translation tool allow you to do just this without requiring any programming, it's all visual

DataMite can simplify your life, here are some examples where it has been used saving precious time to users

Translate EDI ANSI X12 files to Microsoft Access database It all runs transparently without the user's intervention DataMite can be automated via multiple command line parameters

Several XML files contained PO information that need to be converted to a comma-delimited text file CSV


16 MB of RAM
3 MB of hard drive space


256 records limit in data table

What's New in This Release

Trap line position label was not showing in right place
Fixed trap list not displaying properly the trap selected
Trap line always displays the horizontal scrollbar
Fixed trap line scrolling
Sample text will show matching line in different color
Cannot use SQL reserved words in field name anymore
New field size
New field pad options
New field left and right parts to add
New buttons to create new scripts in dialogs
Project file now has the version number to allow for better compatibility later
New Project save data option
New Project input and output encoding options
Report and export editor, when adding a field, it's already set to maximum width
Report and export editor, tool buttons for alignment left, center, right
Changed default fields size to 1024 instead of 255
Fixed token list error

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