FAT Data Doctor Recovery

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FAT Data Doctor Recoveryيقوم برنامج FAT Hard Disk Data Recovery بإصلاح ملفات النظام واستعادتها في حالة حدوث خلل بها أو تلفها. ويصلح كذلك مشكلة وجود قطاع تالف (bad sector) في القرص الصلب. ويصلح البرنامج أيضًا سجل تشغيل الكمبيوتر الرئيسي (master boot record MBR) وسجل تشغيل الكمبيوتر من لغة الدوس (dos boot record DBR). ويدعم البرنامج أسطح المكتب في الكمبيوتر المحمول في حالة وجود مشكلات به EIDE ATA SATA SCSI. ويشتمل البرنامج على خاصية إلغاء حذف البيانات وإلغاء التنسيقات وإعداد نسخ احتياطية من البيانات التي تم الكتابة فوقها، ويقوم بإستعادة البيانات المفقودة في حالة إنقطاع التيار الكهربي عن الجهاز.

FAT Data Doctor Recovery description
FAT data recovery is a powerful and reliable application that recovers deleted files from valid FAT logical disk / partitions

FAT data recovery is a powerful and reliable application that recovers deleted files from valid FAT logical disk / partitions It is full-functional data recovery utility that provides you with the most advanced undelete, data recovery and disk restoration capabilities

With the help of this utility you can view, undelete and restore deleted files and folders, recover data from formatted, corrupted and
damaged NTFS and FAT partitions if your system's hardware is functional and your data was not previously overwritten This data recovery software gives you full access to your hard drive for data recovery purposes

Here are some key features of FAT Data Doctor Recovery

Undelete and Recovery files and folders on NTFS and FAT hard drives or partitions
Creation and usage of images of entire hard drives, logical disks partitions or its parts
NTFS file recovery with alternative data streams
Data recovery on damaged NTFS and FAT partitions and formatted hard drives Professional version only
Recover compressed files on NTFS partitions
Restore files and directories when names contain national language characters
Support copying of system locked files such as registry hives


Processor Pentium/AMD or equivalent processor
Hard disk SATA/IDE/SCSI or similar drives
Memory 128 MB of RAM
Installation space Just 20 MB hard disk space
File system FAT16, FAT32


limited usability


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