Easy Screensaver Standard 2.30

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Easy Screensaver Standard 2.30يعد برنامج Easy Screensaver Creator Standard أداة سهلة الاستخدام لإعداد شاشة توقف مجانية. يمكنك إعداد شاشة توقف بهدف استخدامها في الإعلان أو التسويق لجهة العمل الخاصة بك (لجهات تجارية أو حكومية أو للاستخدام غير التجاري أو الشخصي) ويتضمن البرنامج إمكانية استخدام إعدادات شخصية. ويتميز الإصدار 2.30 بتحسين واجهة البرنامج. كما يمكن سحب إطار الصورة. هذا إلى جانب بعض الإضافات والخصائص الجديدة.

Easy Screensaver Standard description
Easy Screensaver Standard is the fastest and easiest way to produce share screen saver and resell it

Easy Screensaver Standard is the fastest and easiest way to produce share screen saver and resell it

The perfect way to create screen saver for free or resale Make screen saver for advertisement, promoting your business or organization etc for commercial, government, noncommercial or private use and includes installation customization and resale feature

You can make screen saver for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP Several options are available Most popular image file formats supportBMP, JPEG, PNG, PSD, PCD, TIF, PCX,GIF and so on; MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA Background music support; Transition Effect, Image Masking Effect, Image Transparency Effect support, Image Frame effect support, Logo image support and more

Here are some key features of Easy Screensaver Standard

Create Shareware Screensaver - You can make a share screen saver and resell it
You can generate your own registration codes to distribute to your customers
You can set up limitations for share screen savers and infos for sale
Customize logo button - You may customize your own Logo button and show it in the final screensaver product
Professional installation tools - Standard edition includes an Installation disk maker to generate a standard installation program after you create a screen saver
It can generate a standard installation file to promote your share
screen saver program which includes help, read me and authorization
If you want to use floppy disk to promote your screen saver it can help you automatically generate your multi installation
Image Interval Mode
Adjust time delay between images
On music playing
On music stopped
Create Screensaver - You can create a single screen saver file or application to email and share the screen saver with your friends at any time
Author's Picture - You can add author's picture and screen saver descriptions, thus you can add your company logo and related info
Splash Screen - You can play a picture before the screen saver, the picture can be your logo or anything else
Internet Banner - You can make a picture for Internet banner and send it to your friends or customers
Support TWAIN_32 devicesdigital camera, video camera, scanner - You can get pictures from these devices directly
Support Capture devices - You can directly take photos
Image Slide Shows - BMP, JPEG, PNG, PSD,PCD, TIF, PCX and other most popular media file formats images are supported You can add image files and 150 effects to make your picture lively
Logo Effect - Every image can be specified a logo image
Image Effect - Every image can be specified Masking effect or Transparency effect
Image frame effect - You can put a frame on each picture
Enforced visible manager - You can manage frames and masking pictures easily
Image caption - Every image can be specified a caption which always be on the top of the image, you can specify its font, size, color, and position
Background - You can use solid color, gradient color or a picture as your screen saver background
Background sound - Wave, MIDI, MP3 and WMA sound files can be included in the screen savers you create Sounds can be played at the same time while the screen saver begin
Instantly preview - Preview images and sound in the Preview Screensaver just like the screen saver is running
Project Save/Load - You can save and reopen your screen saver project All settings are modifiable
Static state picture preview - You can change the preview pictures of your screen saver, thus making your screen savers more personalized


Intel Pentium Processor or compatible
As much memory space on your computer as possible We recommend at least 64 megabytes
10 MB available hard disk space for program installation
True Color or Hi-Color display adapter and monitor, with 640x480 recommended or higher display mode Your screen savers will look their best if you set the display settings to High Color 16-bit or True Color 24-bit color resolution


15 days trial

What's New in This Release

Compatible with Windows Vista

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