1-2-3PDFConverter 3.0

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1-2-3PDFConverter 3.0يقوم برنامج PDFConverter بتحويل ملفات PDF إلى مستندات وورد. ويمكن للمستخدم تحويل ملف PDF إلى مستند وورد مع الاحتفاظ بالتنسيق الأصلي لملف PDF. فيحافظ على شكل الجداول والصور والأعمدة والصفوف والتنسيقات بالكامل كما هي في ملف PDF. هذا ويمكن تحويل الملف بشكل جزئي بمعنى أن يتم تحويل صفحات محددة من ملف PDF إلى تنسيق ملف وورد أو تنسيق .rtf

1 2 3PDFConverter
This is an easy-to-use conversion tool that gives you powerful conversion options

You can convert PDF to Word documents create PDF files with 1-2-3PDFConverter multiple document converter

1-2-3PDFConverter is an easy-to-use conversion tool that gives you powerful conversion options

1-2-3PDFConverter is a multiple document converter, rich and affordable, thus providing great value for money

With the same document conversion software, you can convert text docs to PDFs and PDF files to Word documents

Make PDF Files from Word Documents
You can create PDF files from Word or text docs The PDF writer feature supports 40 font styles and automated batch PDF conversion enabling you to convert more than one text document at a time You can even combine different documents to create one consolidated PDF You can specify page orientation and line spacing also

Convert PDF to Word Documents
You can convert a PDF file to a Word document preserving the original formatting of the PDF file on conversion all tables, images, columns and rows are retained
as formatted in the source PDF file If required, you can opt for partial conversion of the PDF file, where only specified pages are converted to Word format or the rtf format

Here are some key features of 1 2 3PDFConverter

Retains formatting of original PDF by identifying and replicating paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables and flow of columns
Extracts images in PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPG, and PCX format from PDF document
Converts to multiple document formats- doc or rtf
Converts multiple PDF files through batch conversion
Supports multilingual user interface like English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese
Enables part conversion of the PDF by simply defining pages to be converted
Allows customizing the language of the user interface by selecting any of the 9 predefined international languages
Allows step-by-step parameters settings for conversion using a simple wizard interface
Allows specifying the destination folder of the converted document
Provides various layout options for converted file FLOWING TEXT, AS IS, FORMATTED TEXT, and TEXT ONLY
Displays output summary of the converted word document before starting conversion
Allows editing of the converted Word document
Allows conversion of password protected PDF document if password is known
Allows other users, other than administrator, to use it for conversion or image extraction
Contains Help file with detailed user instructions for ease of use


Intel Pentium processor 133Mhz or equivalent
64 MB RAM 128 MB recommended
25 MB of free hard disk space
5 MB for Wise® Installer
SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution


15 runs trial
The trial version converts only the first page of the document

What's New in This Release

Editing the Document 1-2-3PDFConverter 30 gives you complete control over your documents through automation You can easily edit the text in your converted document as per your need No more do you need to struggle with Word’s Formatting and Editing options to make changes in the converted document
Text Reusability In case you need to reuse the text in the converted Word document to create a presentation or any Excel report, you can simply copy the text from the converted document and paste it in your Power Point Presentation or Excel Sheet, etc The text formatting will not go hay wire
Handling of rotated page, text, images, and shapes The new 1-2-3PDFConverter software automatically recognizes rotated pages and its contents and preserves text, layout, and images in the converted Word document as in the original PDF document If your text, image, or shape is vertical in the PDF document, it will get replicated as it is in your converted Word document This feature is specifically beneficial for document with graphs and charts etc
Hyperlink Bookmark If your PDF document contains active Hyperlinks and Bookmarks, your converted Word document will also display the same links This helps the user to access additional information by way of hyperlinked documents or web pages
Superscript & Subscript The superscript and subscript text will remain as is in the converted document
Well-formed and managed column formation In the converted document the position of the text lines and text columns remains intact This way text editing and formatting becomes easy
Optimized lines and column formation In case of multi-column text layout in the PDF document, during conversion 1-2-3PDFConverter 30 preserves the original multi-column text and page layout You can edit the text with ease in your converted Word document
Smaller file size 1-2-3PDFConverter 10 used to optimize the file size of the converted document to minimum Now 1-2-3PDFConverter 30 can optimize the file size further and hence the converted document is of significantly low file size Due to this, you can be easily upload or download your converted documents quickly
Underlined text In most cases, 1-2-3PDFConverter can replicate underlined text in PDF file as it is in the converted document
Drop Cap In case of Drop Cap, 1-2-3PDFConverter 30 with its unique coding can replicate it as is in the converted Word document


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