Intellipool Network Monitor 3.2.1 Build 2180

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Intellipool Network Monitor 3.2.1 Build 2180Intellipool Network Monitor برنامج قوي وغني بالميزات، يسمح لك بمراقبة شبكاتك وإصدار تقارير عن حالتها، وأتمتة بعض المهام على الأجهزة، كما أنه يعطيك إنذارات على الأخطاء والثغرات الموجودة على شبكتك،، على مدار الساعة

Intellipool Network Monitor
An easy to use and feature rich system for monitoring and reporting

INM is an easy to use and feature rich application for monitoring, reporting, alerting and job automation that enables you to monitor your servers, routers and workstations 24/7

Intellipool Network Monitor is a complete solution for monitoring, notification, and reporting Agentless monitoring of Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and BSD operating system

It installs as a service under Windows 2000 or Windows XP and is administrated trough a browser interface by connecting to an built-in webserver

Among the protocol and services monitored are SNMP, ODBC, Event log, syslog, SSH2, CPU usage, free disk space, SMTP/POP3, DHCP, remote process and free memory

In total 37 different types of protocols and services can be monitored The program is able to log errors and informational messages to XML log file, Syslog, Windows Event log, or an ODBC database

Notification options include SMS, PageGate and e-mail Pre-defined scripts can be execute upon failur and restart of the service, 15 different types of actions can be used in the scripts

All agents can log statistical data that can be used in reports and
shown in real-time charts in the web interface Reports can contain charts from many sources as well as summary uptime, custom text and images

The data extraction interface enables you to integrate real-time data such as charts and agent status into third party applications and web sites

Here are some key features of Intellipool Network Monitor

Monitor virtual any type of network resource with the 37 different types of tests
Managed by an easy to use web interface that can be secured by SSL
No need for installation of software on monitored resources
Built in SSH2 client used to perform secure monitoring of UNIX objects
SSH2 script agent, monitor virtually any function on any UNIX machine
Dependency trees, organize your agents according to your network structure to perform conditional testing of agents
Autoscan feature that automatically searches your network for agents will reduce install time
Logging options include XML logfile, ODBC database, Syslog and Windows Event Log
Actionlists with powerful features that control the action taken when a server goes down and when it restarts
Defineable actions and events include Email, SMS, paging, SSH2 script execution, service management, Wake-On-LAN and more
Operator rights management, enables the administrator to restrict the ability to browse and alter objects, schedules and other features
Integrates with UNIX Syslog, receive Syslog messages and trigger alarms
SNMP MIB browser and MIB compiler
Notification options include, email and SMS


Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
128 Mb memory
20 Mb free disk space
Network interface card

Browser supported
Microsoft Internet Explorer 60 with SR1 or greater
Opera 80 or greater
Firefox 15 or greater

The following features must be enabled in your browser settings
Accept third party cookies
Java script enabled
Cookies are needed to keep track of the user session Java scripts are used by the web interface and must be enabled


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

Bug fix Reactivate time for acknowledge alarm function was not remembered correctly
Bug fix Sometimes unable to create reports in new installations before restarting INM
Improvement DE Only Extended re-connect time on gateways to one minute [ read full changelog ]

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