Backup-2006 Studio

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Backup-2006 Studio Studio هذا البرنامج هو عبارة عن برنامج متكامل في مجال أخذ النسخ الإحتياطية عن الملفات .. فبإستطاعته أخذ نسخة احتياطية عن أي مجلد أو أي ملف إلى أي مكان تريده .. سواء تريد حفظها على الشبكة المحلية أو تقوم بحرقها على أقراص مدمجة أو رقمية، أو حتى رفعها على سيرفر FTP أو HTTP .. كما أنه يحتوي على برنامج حرق أقراص داخلي مدمج فيه .. بحيث تقوم بحرق النسخ الإحتياطية على الأقراص مباشرة

Backup 2006 Studio
A powerful backup utility with a lot of options and quite user-friendly

Because one method is not enough to protect your data, Backup-2006 Studio includes 3 tools to achieve your backup strategy classic backup, disk image and synchronizer

Backup-2006 Studio supports File Access Manager technology and can backup or copy any files in use including Windows system files, SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Excange, MS Access and Outlook

Backup-2006 Studio is a powerful backup application with many settings and quite user-friendly

Backup-2006 Studio supports unlimited zip file size Pkware Defalte64
With Backup-2006 Studio you can backup any folder to any destination network lan, any removable media including CD and DVD

Backup-2006 Studio comes with its own burner driver It can span archive files over multiple media You
can schedule any job, upload archives to one or two FTP or HTTP servers It offers a graphical backup map, catalog, log files and can email you when a job is done

Backup-2006 Studio provides 3 compression methods Pkzip deflate64, standard Pkzip 204 and Bzip Backup-2006 Studio lets you define a standard profile to easily reuse it when you define a new backup set It is also delivered with predefined backup sets My emails, My documents, My Emails, Windows Shell and Registry

From the catalog you can search for files without opening each individual archive file

Backup-2006 Studio interface uses the Office 11 look and feel

Backup-2006 Disk Image allows to create entire partition image Image file can be compressed and or encrypted It can also replicate one partition to another

The Synchronizer allows you to synchronize folders, disks or computers

Here are some key features of Backup 2006 Studio

Classic backup Backup-2006 Studio supports unlimited zip file size Pkware Deflate64
Disk image unlike the Classic Backup module, the Disk image is based on disk clusters and not on files
Synchronizer Backup-2006 Studio is delivered with a specific version of Backup2005 Synchronizer
Planner the planner is an unique tool giving you a full control over your backup strategy


256 MB RAM


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

Bzip2 compression method added


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