Actual Reminder 3.0

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Actual Reminder 3.0Actual Reminder عبارة عن برنامج قوي ومفيد في تذكيرك في مواعيدك الهامة والمناسبات الخاصة، مثل العطل وأعياد الميلاد .. وبكل سهولة بإمكانك إضافة أو تعديل أي مذكرة .. كما أنه بإمكانك اختيار موسيقاك التي تريد أن تعمل عند تذكيرك بالموعد .. وأيضاً بإمكانك وضع صورة الشخص بحيث تظهر لك عند قدوم عيد ميلاده

Actual Reminder
Actual Reminder is a useful, powerful and convenient application calendar for any reminders

Actual Reminder is a useful, powerful and convenient application calendar for any reminders meetings, important events, holidays, birthdays, daily and weekly reminders Using hot keys, you can add or view added reminders, view the calendar for the whole year with just one click, you can set shut down, reboot or log off time of the computer or you can do
that immediately You can set time and choose pictures for automatic change wallpapers on your DeskTop

Multilanguage support English, French, German, Spanish and Russian languages

For every reminder you can choose music from the existing data base or insert your own (wave, mp3, wma, midi) For the birthdays or holidays you can choose pictures or photographs of the one whose name-day it is (gif, jpeg, bmp, ico, emf, wmf)

In the program it is possible to set the image of the calendar for the current month on your desktop Actual Reminder can say the time every hour and it can also inform about the holidays for the current day in different countries

All the settings are easy to access and you can turn on or off any option any moment For Windows XP it is possible to choose the interface or to set up your own Due to the convenient and nice form, the product is easy to operate for any user, for an experienced and a freshman

It's 100% free to try


30 days trial

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