Fast Photo Renamer 2.52

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Fast Photo Renamer 2.52Fast Photo Renamer برنامج متخصص في إعادة تسمية الصور الخاصة بك .. إذا كان اسم الصورة "Dsc00403.jpg" يزعجك .. فاترك أمر التسمية على هذا البرنامج .. فهو يحتوي خصائص متطورة في إعادة التسمية .. والبرنامج سهل الإستخدام ولا يوجد فيه أي تعقيد .. كما أنه يدعم إعادة التسمية لأكثر من صورة في نفس الوقت

Fast Photo Renamer
Viewing and renaming your photos has never been easier

Fast Photo Renamer - do you want to rename files with your photos quickly and comfortably

If you are not happy about such names of your photo as Dsc00403jpg, you need a tool to solve this problem - it is Fast Photo Renamer You will be able to rename either each photo separately or all photos in a folder at once

How does it work?

One-by-one mode
Select a folder with photos, look at the lower-left corner of the window, think of a new name for the photo, type it, press Enter and the program will show you the next photo

Batch mode
Specify a template consisting of a prefix, the position where the numeration should start and the number of digits to be used in file names Click the Rename button

You can view and rename files of the following formats JPG, BMP, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, WMF

Able to rename photos according to the EXIF date


14 days trial
Nag screen

What's New in This Release

Now the photo creation date is always available
If the date is not available from EXIF data, the file creation date is used


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