Flash Favorite 1.6.3

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Flash Favorite 1.6.3Flash Favorite برنامج يتيح لك عرض وتصفح ملفات الفلاش التي قمت بتحميلها .. كما يتيح لك إجراء بعض العمليات عليها .. كإعادة تسميتها .. وتصنيفها ضمن مصنفات .. وهو يقوم بإضافة نفسه كشريط على متصفح الإنترنت Microsoft Internet Explorer .. حتى يمكنك من حفظ ملفات الفلاش التي تعرض حالياً .. وهو يمتلك واجهة جذابة وسهلة بالتعامل

Flash Favorite
This utility helps you browse the downloaded Flash files in your Temporary Internet Files

FlashFavorite allows you to browse downloaded Flash files on the currently open web page and in your Temporary Internet Files Flash Favorite application is a flash file previewer and browser

You can preview each Flash swf file with the built-in viewer and optionally rename it and save the Flash clip in a user defined category

FlashFavorite also integrates into the IE toolbar, so you can quickly save a currently playing Flash movie

Why Flash Favorite Is The Best Solution For You?

Download Macromedia Flash files from anywhere on the Web
- With a few quick mouse clicks, Flash Favorite lets you pull embedded SWF files from any Flash-enabled site Just pick the file you want in the preview window, hit save

Download FLV Flash Video files from any online video websites

YouTube Downloader - With this feature, you can easily download videos from YouTubecom

User defined category - You can quickly categorize your downloaded flash files It makes the management of flash filess more efficient!

Here are some key features of "Flash Favorite"

Easy to use
Attractive Interface
What you see is what you get
Convenient Management
Integrated into the IE toolbar
Download flash animation in the pop-up window

NOTE Before your installation, please make sure that you are logged on as Administrator or have Administrator rights The installation wizard will finish in some seconds


Internet Explorer 50 or above


3 days trial
nag screen

What's New in This Release

Download video from YouTube
Download and playback FLV Flash Video files

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