Dynamic Notes 3.25

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Dynamic Notes 3.25Dynamic Notes برنامج يعد منظم ومجدول لمواعيدك والأحداث العامة في حياتك .. فهو يمكنك من حفظ مذكرات لمواعيدك وإظهارها حين قدوم وقتها .. وهو سهل الإستخدام ولا يعوق لك عمل نظامك ولا يتطلب أي مواصفات عالية من الجهاز .. كما بإمكانك تعديل ألوان المذكرات كما يحلو لك

Dynamic Notes
A multi-featured scheduler, reminder, organizer for Windows

Dynamic Notes is a multi-featured scheduler, reminder, and organizer for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due

Dynamic Notes is very easy to use and has low system requirements The scheduler stays in the tray and does not interfere with your activities If necessary, it can be displayed as a small toolbar on the desktop

All the parameters you may need to change are customizable a sticker can be of any size, it can have any color scheme which can be useful, for example, to tell between stickers
on different topics and you can use various skins for stickers

Dynamic Notes is a software that allows you to create desktop reminders

We also implemented sound schemes to accompany the display of stickers Together with the wizard for creating stickers, it is possible to edit them either quickly or in the advanced mode The program also supports a multilingual interface

Here are some key features of Dynamic Notes

create electronic sticky notes stickers
edit stickers in the quick and advanced modes
specify the date and time of reminder
customize the default parameters of sticky notes their size, text, background and title color, position on the desktop, transparency shortcuts
print the text of stickers
save the text of a note to a file
use various skins
scheduling turning off the computer


2 MB Hard Disk


16 days trial

What's New in This Release

Added features Slovak language added
Fixed bugs Some minor bugs

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