Copernic Desktop Search 2.1.1 Build 3.1

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Copernic Desktop Search 2.1.1 Build 3.1Copernic Desktop Search أداة رائعة تسمح لك بالبحث عن الصور المستندات ملفات الملتميديا على جهازك الشخصي .. لكن البحث الذي توفره لك يكون خلال ثوانٍ عديدة .. أول ما تقوم بتنصيبه يقوم بعمل مسح لقرصك الصلب وأرشفة أسماء وأنواع الملفات داخل قاعدة بيانات له صلاحية البحث السريع داخلها ,, البرنامج سهل الإستخدام ويأخذ بعض الوقت في الأرشفة إذا كنت تضم الكثير من الملفات على قرصك الصلب

Copernic Desktop Search
Copernic Desktop Search - Allows you to instantly find files, emails, images, multimedia and more, that is located on your PC

Copernic Desktop Search gives you the possibility to instantly find files, images, multimedia, emails and more, that is located on your PC not the Internet

Copernic Desktop Search creates an initial index of your hard drive and provides an attractive and easy to use search interface that returns results instantly, as soon as you type in your keyword It provides image thumbnails for picture matches, integrated preview with keyword highlighting and more

Copernic Desktop Search can also optionaly index your web surfing history, as well as Contacts and Favorites

Here are some key features of Copernic Desktop Search

Lets you perform sub-second searches of your PC's files and emails in a user-friendly interface
Enables you to search from any application, anytime The search bar conveniently integrates with the Windows taskbar
Offers specific refining fields for each desktop
search category
Uses your computer resources intelligently when indexing documents so as not to impair your work by throttling back while you are using other software
Displays and filters matching results as you type
Quickly creates and updates the index in the background with no limitation concerning the number of documents to be indexed
Delivers advanced fault tolerance and recovery architecture to ensure everlasting index integrity
Automatically indexes on-the-fly new and updated files in the background Windows NT/2000/XP required, including new emails sent or received with Microsoft Outlook
Supports advanced Boolean operators AND/+, OR, NOT/-, quotes exact phrase or whole word and parentheses
Lets you enter keywords directly into the search box located in the Windows taskbar using a keyboard shortcut from any application
Lets you preview Web pages, text files, e-mails and pictures for selected results without needing to open any other application to analyze document’s relevancy or cut and paste a selection
Scrolls document previews directly to the first word or phrase that you are looking for
Offers specific sorting and grouping fields for each search category in order to ease result viewing
Offers plenty of time-saving shortcuts to other applications via links and right-click menus available in search categories
Offers many customizable options to configure various features and parameters
Highlights search keywords with a different color for each keyword in result lists and previews of text files or documents


Internet Explorer 50 or later
For real-time file monitoring Windows XP/2000/NT
To index email/contacts Outlook Express 5x/6x, Outlook 2000/XP/2003, Windows Address Book, Mozilla Thunderbird 10 or later

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