EarthView 3.6.9

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EarthView 3.6.9EarthView هو عبارة عن خلفية وحافظة شاشة تفاعليات،، يقوم بعرض صور مختلفة من الأرض بجودة عالية،، كما أنه يعد برنامج لإستطلاع الكرة الأرضية وإلتقاط الصور و تحديد الأماكن، كما أنه يعرض لك الأوقات في مختلف بلدان العالم،، ولا ننسى بإمكانك رؤية الأماكن في النهار وفي الليل أيضاً،، وبإمكانك أيضاً رؤية الغيوم من خلاله

EarthView - high detail views of the earth at day and night

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows It produces colorful, high quality, high resolution images for every screen resolution - even beyond 1600x1200!

EarthView supports map and globe views, city lights, urban areas, clouds, atmospheric effects, local time display and much more

EarthView supports different maps
that show our planet earth in different ways, like photographic or artistic Many options allow total customization of all view parameters EarthView has won many awards for its absolutely breathtaking images

Here are some key features of EarthView

High detail view of the earth
Day and night view
Urban areas and city lights
Three beautiful maps to choose from
Location and local time of more than 3000 cities worldwide
Map and globe projection
Wallpaper and screen saver support
Multiple monitor support
Many options for full customization


100 MB of free disk space


30-day trialbr

What's New in This Release

New program waits for data folder at startup
Fix updated city database
Fix various small improvements and bug fixes

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