CPUCooL 8.0.6

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CPUCooL 8.0.6CPUCooL برنامج ممتاز جداً يقوم بقياس سرعة مروحة المعالج لديك .. ودرجة الحرارة العامة للجهاز .. والفولتية لأكثر من لوحة أم .. كما بإمكانه التحسين من أداء المعالج وتخفيض درجة حرارته نوعاً ما .. وهو يختص أيضاً بتحسين أداء الذاكرة المؤقتة أيضاً

CPUCooL A program that monitors temperature, fan speed, and voltages for many motherboards

CPUCooL is a program that monitors temperature, fan speed, and voltages for many motherboards Display's the temperatures, fan speed, voltages, system values Data input and output and SDRAM's contents, cooling for Windows and change the frequency of your PC

It works with all chipsets from Intel, ALI, VIA, AMD, and SIS 5595 motherboards


ATI grafic cards readout new feature since733

ACPI new feature since 730
ACPI tables could be read out These contain temperature and power consumption which could be made visable The feature is mostly for notebook users as the ACPI tables are normally not filled out in destop mainboards

The Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology enables you to see the harddisk parameters It includes a temperature readout of the harddisk Until now only normal harddisks are supported RAID and SCSI systems are not yet supported due to a missing microsoft driver extension But there are no programs that support RAID / SCSI systems on the market

Change the FrontSideBus
With this option you can vary the CPU frequency Many mainbords support setting the FrontSideBus via SMBus It is for these motherboards
I have added this feature It is for experienced users only and only at your own risk! Details

Shutdown by simple keystroke
You can shutdown the PC with a single key combination That makes it easier to end the session You find this item under Options -> Windows Shudown

MONITORING Temperature, fan speed, voltages for many motherboards
The program displays all units, connected to an I2C Bus It works with all chipset from Intel, ALI, VIA, AMD, and SIS motherboards You can see the temperature, voltage and fan values of your motherboard chipset, inclusive dial-up adapter display and processor parameters From Notebooks you can see the ACPI Temps and from NVidia Grafic cards you can look at the temps of the grafic processor and the fan speed ATI will come soon hopefully

CPU Cooling under Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 Watch Wintop ! There's No way to switch it off! After registering you can get a small *VXD 6K Byte for cooling only It works so far for all non Athlon processors and for Athlon based system with a VIA8363 and AMD760 chipset

Benifits There is No need to turn it on or off, No overhead CPU Time / Memory Cooling only, and if you wish to stop using it, you simply remove it from your system! All you have to do to receive it is to register and send the file you could generate by Help -> CPUCooL Info -> Write to file to the author at supportATpodienDOTde

CPU Optimization AMD, Cyrix and Intel only

This is the first and only program that optimizes AMD / Cyrix CPU's complete and correct All the other tools have bugs which I have detected when implementing my optimizations This feature is mostly for older cpus AMD K6, Cypress

Memory optimization mostly for Windows 95 / 98

Reads out the values programmed in the E2PROM of the SDRAM's
Every value is decoded inclusive the SDRAM manufacturer if available

Here are some key features of CPUCooL

Windows Vista Sidebar gadget
Intel / AMD CPU Core temperature readout
ATI grafic cards readout

Limitations 21-day trial The only difference between the shareware and the registrable version is that you can save the settings in the registrable version and you will not see the shareware reminders any longer If you use this software after the 21 day evaluation period a
registration fee is required

What's New in This Release

PLL's and chipsets added, bug fixes

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