DownLater 1.2

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DownLater 1.2برنامج DownLater تحميل اغاني MP3 وكذالك تحميل ملفات كبيرة الحجم نعم بواسطة هذا البرنامج تستطيع تحميل اغاني MP3 يدعم البرنامج السحب والأسقاط لرابط داخل البرنامج Drag-and-drop وكذالك يقوم بأضافة صغيرة في متصفحات لتستطيع تحميل الملفات بكل سهولة البرنامج مميز وصغير الحجم وسهل استخدام وتستطيع كذالك ان تقوم بتوقيت البرنامج أثناء بدء التحميل والتحكم بالوقت.

Simplify the download process of multiple MP3 or other large files

DownLater application was designed to simplify the download process of multiple MP3 or other large files Drag-and-drop file links from your browser onto DownLater to be downloaded later Works with Netscape and InternetExplorer

Selected files can be downloaded at the end of your web session or can be scheduled to download while you sleep
Users can now quickly select dozens of MP3 songs for later downloading without tieing up their modem while browsing


DownLater is demo-ware You are welcome to try it out for 30 days with all features enabled If you decide to use it after 30 days, then you are required to register DownLater DownLater will continue to work after 30 days but it will keep reminding you to register, and you will be limited to files less than 3 megabytes, and to no more than 5 files per download Registered users will be sent a personalized license by e-mail The license will remove the restrictions in DownLater and also entitles you to free upgrades for DownLater as they become available

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