Web Picture Snatch Ripper 2.4

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Web Picture Snatch Ripper 2.4برنامج Web Picture Snatch Ripper تستطيع من خلاله البحث على صور في المواقع وتحميلها على جهازك برنامج مميز يستطيع اٍستعراض الصور لك قبلك تحميلها مع هذا البرنامج تستطيع تحميل جميع الصور في مواقع مثلا لديك موقع للخلفيات من صعب جدا تحميل كل صور فيه لكن وانت على حاسوبك تقوم بنسخ رابط الموقع وتضعه في البرنامج وبكبسة زر يقوم بسحب كل الصور في الموقع لحاسوبك برنامج مهمة وسوف يسهل عليك الكثير لحفظ الصور من على مواقع ومن اهم مميزات البرنامج : البحث على الصور في مواقع استعراضها وتحميلها, تستطيع استعراض الصور قبل تحميلها, وفي هذه النسخة الجديدة تم أضافة تحميل ملفات الفيديو mpg avi wmv بكل سهولة برنامج مميز يستحق التجربة

A Web Picture Snatch Internet Ripper
Save thousands of Internet pictures in no time! View a show while downloading

Web Picture Snatch Internet Ripper can download and save thousands of pictures from the Internet in a very short time Dont click all those thumbnails ever again! Works better than other picture hunter spider programs because you can watch a slide show while downloading images from thumbnail gallery post web sites

This web crawler lets you save favorite pictures and view a slide show of them later Use this downloader as a web browser companion to Windows IE because Web Snatch automatically grabs the current web page URL your viewing and gets it ready for you!

This picture finder program uses T-Sort Technology to automatically capture images from the net This image grabber has a built in Web browser for user Use the auto rename files feature to keep your entire image collection safe

Use the viewer to open single pictures, Web shows, multiple slide shows, and thumbs all at the same time Arrange
the child windows around to your favorite position tile or cascade Try this pic finder for free! Web masters or web surfer you will love it!

Here are some key features of A Web Picture Snatch Internet Ripper

Automatically populates the web address box with the current web page being viewed by Internet Explorer web browser If your using another type of browser then the old copy and paste method works just fine
Searches web pages for possible picture to picture links and gives full information
View a picture slide show while files are downloading from the Internet
Use the Web Show feature to delay the time between showing pictures while downloading from a web page When web show is not used the pictures are displayed at the speed they are being transfered
After all of the pictures have been snatched a slide show can continue to play if the Loop feature is on When your finished with the slide show use the Return button to close the Download interface The Snatch interface will show again and automatically populate the address box again with the web address of the current Internet Explorer web page being viewed
If you want to search another web address then use the drop down box to show the history of the past web pages opened or simply paste the web page address into the web address box and click the search button
Use the Power Show feature to quickly speed through a list of saved pictures Show the images at 1/2 second intervals
Open the Magnify Viewer window and zoom in on downloaded pictures up to 100 x size
Shrink or enlarge the program to take advantage of desktop space Lets you see less or more details


Pentium III or better processor

Whats New in This Release

Update improved mpg avi wmv video downloading


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