Handy Stickers 2.12

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Handy Stickers 2.12Handy Stickers برنامج رائع يمكنك من كتابة ملاحظاتك اليومية ولصقها على سطح المكتب .. حتى لا تنسى مواعيدك الهامة وواجباتك .. وهو يتميز بشكله الجذاب وسهولة استخدامه

Handy Stickers description
Handy Stickers is a desktop sticker software that allows you to create handy sticky notes and place them on your desktop

Handy Stickers is a desktop sticker application that will allow you to create handy sticky notes and place them directly onto your Windows desktop

Handy Stickers lets you dot down and keep a telephone number or any memo, remind
you of an important appointment It will help you stay organized especially if you are a secretary or a business person

Here are some key features of Handy Stickers

Sticker windows stick to the screen edges
You can hide your stickers outside the screen area They will pop up the moment you point your cursor arrow at a thin colored line showing where the stickers are
Stickers can be programmed to pop up and alert you with the sound to the appointment you don't want to miss You can set any alarm time


30 days trial
only 3 stickers available


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