NotePro 3.65

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NotePro 3.65إذا كنت تحتاج لمحرر نصوص فيه ميزات أكثر من Notepad و WordPad المدمجين بالويندوز .. ولكنك لا تريده أن يكون معقد كمحرري النصوص الكبيرة مثل Microsoft Word .. فبرنامج NotePro يلبي طلبك بالتأكيد .. فهو يتميز بخصائص غنية وواجهة جذابة وسهلة بحيث تستطيع الوصول إلى ما تريد من الواجهة الرئيسية .. وخصائصه تلبي حاجتك في صنع المستندات النصية بمختلف أنواعها بحيث تقوم بإدخال ما تشاء من صور وكائنات على المستند وحفظها بكل سهولة

NotePro description
NotePro - highly capable text editor and word processor

If you need to create or edit text files and want something with more options than the default Notepad/WordPad programs that come with Windows but don't need the power and complexity of a full-fledged word-processor, check out NotePro

Although it has many powerful features typically found in a word-processor, it's very simple to use

NotePro has a clean, attractive interface that puts nearly all the options you'll need right on the well-designed button bar

NotePro handles standard text files, and also creates and saves Rich Text Format, Word, Windows Write, and HTML files used by Microsoft Word and other word-processors

You can have multiple documents open at one time NotePro is a text editor and word processor

Other options include complete control over text appearance Use any TrueType font installed on your system, control the font size and attributes bold, italic, underscore, or strikethrough, and also use colored text, including background fills

Onscreen you can quickly increase or decrease text size, add super- or subscript text, and change the text alignment flush left, centered, or flush right You can also quickly create numbered or bulleted lists

Like a word-processor, NotePro lets you create custom styles for your text - define a font, face, attributes, color, alignment, etc - that lets you easily apply a style to specific text Great for headers, captions, or entire paragraphs of text you need to distinctively separate

NotePro also has a built-in Spelling Checker, and lets you import text from existing files NotePro also let you embed or link to objects and images

Other features include changing the case of text to all upper or lower, Calculator, Clipboard Viewer, and Character Map, font preview in the font selection window so you get a quick peek at what a font looks like, and print preview

NotePro is easy-to-use, and provides plenty of features In a fairly small package it incorporates nearly all of the most-used features of a word-processor without having to learn how to use one in fact, if you use a word-processor frequently, you might find yourself using NotePro instead for many documents


You may try out NotePro without any costs for the period of 30 days!
Registration gains access to the some advanced features Insert Object and Insert Picture features, Print feature, Remove Evaluation version notification

What's New in This Release

Added ability to move and dock Search pane
Updated spelling dictionary
Some visual improvements
Minor bugs fixed

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