Giant Disk Cleaner 1.9.6

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Giant Disk Cleaner 1.9.6Giant Disk Cleaner برنامج يقوم بتنظيف قرصك الصلب من الملفات الضارة وعديمة الفائدة،، كما أنه يحتوي على أداة لحذف الملفات بشكل آمن وكلي بحيث لا يمكن إسترجاعهم أبداً،، وهو يقوم بتحرير مساحة القرص الصلب لديك بحذف الملفات المكررة أيضاً،، كما أنه يعد أداة لأخذ النسخ الإحتياطية عن ملفاتك الهامة

Giant Disk Cleaner
Giant Disk Cleaner is a program that securely clears obsolete/junk files, duplicate files and broken shortcuts from your system

Giant Disk Cleaner is the all-round answer to making the most of your valuable hard drive space and boosting your computer’s performance

Giant Disk Cleaner is a program that securely clears obsolete/junk files, duplicate files and broken shortcuts from your system By clearing out these unwanted files Giant Disk Cleaner can help you utilize your amount of available hard drive space and remove obstacles which could be hindering your computer’s performance

In addition, Giant Disk Cleaner provides a handy tool to help you easily and securely manage erase your files through Giant Disk Cleaner file shredder

Here are some key features of Giant Disk Cleaner

Free Up Valuable Space on your Hard Drive
While many files stored on your computer are essential for your system’s performance, others are unnecessary and take up valuable space on your hard drive With Giant Disk Cleaner you easily and effectively delete useless files freeing hard drive space for other uses

Speed up general system performance
Unnecessary files on your computer hinder your system’s performance Trying to run Windows
with many obstacles is like trying to drive down a road full of potholes Giant Disk Cleaner will safely and reliably remove worthless files from your hard drive and boost your system’s overall performance

Speed up hard drive searching performance
By removing unnecessary files Giant Disk Cleaner can significantly speed up searches on your hard drives Simply put, if the files aren’t there they don’t need to be searched

Junk and obsolete files
Many files on your computer are necessary for your system to perform properly Others are not necessary and waste precious hard drive space Giant Disk Cleaner will safely scan and remove junk and obsolete files from you computer to free up extra disk space and keep your system running at peak performance

Broken Shortcuts
Shortcuts are great when they work but what about those that don’t? When files get moved the links are corrupted and your shortcuts no longer work With Giant Disk Cleaner you can easily scan and remove broken shortcuts from your Start menu, recent documents and Desktop

Duplicate Files
Having multiple copies of the same files can waste valuable hard drive space and make keeping track of your files difficult Giant Disk Cleaner will scan your computer for duplicate files and show you exactly where they are located You can then choose to delete the duplicates or let Giant Disk Cleaner back them up and erase them for you

Backup Utility
With Giant Disk Cleaner’s backup system you can rest assured that erasing measures taken with Giant Disk Cleaner are completely reversible Giant Disk Cleaner allows you to backup obsolete, duplicate and broken shortcut files before you erase them making restoring needed files a breeze

Securely file deletion
Giant Disk Cleaner meets the most advanced standards in secure computer file erasing (DOD, NSA, Gutmann, GOST) You can rest assured that your deleted files are entirely unrecoverable even to the most advanced recovery tools on the market

File Shredder
With Giant Disk Cleaner’s file shredder you can securely erase any file or folder Following the most advanced computer file erasing standards (DOD, NSA, Gutmann, GOST) you can be sure the files you discard are gone forever!


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

Minor enhancements in Giant Disk Cleaner duplicate files cleaner

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Giant Disk Cleaner 1.9.6

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