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PDF Explorer Explorer هو عبارة عن برنامج مختص في إدارة وتنظيم ملفات الـ PDF،، فهو يتيح لك فرصة إضافة وجمع جميع ملفات الـ PDF التي تمتلكها وتصنيفها في قاعدة بيانات بحيث تستطيع مشاهدة موجز عن الملفات التي تمتلكها .. حيث يقوم بعرض اسم الملف وعنوانه وإسم المؤلف والموضوع .. كما يمكنك من اجراء عمليات البحث والمشاهدة ويدعم عملية تسمية أكثر من ملف في نفس الوقت

PDF Explorer
PDF Explorer - PDF file management software and image extraction tool

PDF Explorer is a PDF file management software and image extraction tool It gives you the opportunity to easily add and gather all your pdf files to a database file, that displays an overview of Title, Filename, Author and Subject

With PDF Explorer you can easily index your entire collection of pdf documents, spread by several disks, network places and also within ZIP, RAR and ACE compressed archives

We can then search through all the files using boolean expressions and full text search, view them, extract images, extract text, apply batch functions, and more

PDF Explorer can also read out loud the pdf documents text so you can relax your eyes, or create wav or mp3 audio files so you can listen later

PDF Explorer also includes a Web Server, providing
remote access to some of the program functionalities with a simple web browser We can leave the server running at home and access to our pdf collection from work office, or vice versa We can also construct, with this functionality, a server-client scheme at our office LAN

Here are some key features of PDF Explorer

Multilang interface and User's guide many languages already available
Scan pdf's inside zip, rar and ace compressed archives and network drives
HTML Web interface provided by the embedded HTML server
Index pdf document metadata and pages text
Edit pdf metadata fields, standard and XMP
Full text search
Boolean search
PDF raw images viewereditorextractor
PDF Text viewer and extractor
Batch tools to rename, extract images, print, and more
Text to speech read out loud feature, SAPI4/5 voices compliant
Speak pdf text to file, in wav or mp3 format
ISBN and DOI numbers catcher/sniffer and resolver
Metadata fields edit assistants
Rotate Pages tool
Anonymize tool, to remove all traces of metadata info
Split/Extract and Merge/Rearrange pdf pages tools
Stamp/Watermark your pdf document pages with text, image and geometric shapes
Set open options
Add, remove and consult pdf file attachments
Import and export metadata fields
Grid layout editor
Database maintenance and backup features


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

Task Automation Folders- A sequence of user configurable tasks are executed on PDF files created on the monitored folders
Check for online updates with download and install features
File rename assistant to assist in the manual rename of files
Accept Drag and Drop of shell files and folders
The Web Interface is now Multilingual Web interface clients can choose from the available idioms
Possibility to export web interface search results into csv file
Web interface info fields shown, selector
Added possibility to edit the custom fields screen name without the need to create custom screen layouts
Delete file to recycle bin or permanent, as in shell, functionality
Improved database optimize routine
Multiple instances possible using command line option
This release fixes also many bugs of previous releases

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