Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 8.8 Build 08.21

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Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 8.8 Build 08.21Advanced Registry Doctor Pro برنامج يقوم بمعالجة أخطاء السجلات لديك ,, بحيث يحسن من أداء النظام ويسرعه .. الكثير من البرامج وحتى نظام Microsoft Windows أحياناً يتسبب لهم ضرر بحيث يؤثر في أداءهم وفي أداء النظام بشكل عام .. ويأتي هنا دور ARD في معالجة هذه الأخطاء حتى يُرجع للنظام أداءه السابق ويجعله يعمل بكل كفاءة وفعالية

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro
An application that is capable of scanning, diagnosing and curing multiple registry problems

Advanced Registry Doctor ARD cures your registry and thus provide a better performance of your Windows OS

Lots of programs, including MS Windows itself, have a bad habit to alter the registry in such a way, which causes appearance of different problems

ARD finds problems of such kind and allows you to fix them either manually or automatically Automatic repair of problems is very handy to use since it can be applied to set of problems and categories category is a set of problems of a single kind ARD can even find and repair invalid shortcuts, which reference to invalid file or hold invalid link to an icon

ARD can bring some of the dead links back to life For example, that is if you’ve accidentally moved your files font
files, help files, shared folders, shared DLLs, etc to some other place The main point of using ARD is that it will do the entire job for you you just have to select which problems to search categories and HDD list, which will be used by the program for finding solutions Usually you'll have to use ARD when new program is installed/removed

Here are some key features of Advanced Registry Doctor Pro

Prevent Your Computer from Windows crashes
Make Your Computer Fast and stable in Minutes
Increase Your Computer Speed by up to 100%!
Find & Repair Problems in the Following Sections
Application Paths
Uninstall Information
COM/ActiveX Registered version only
Help Files
File Extensions
Font Files
Most Recently Used Files List
Shared DLLs Registered version only
Shared Folders
Startup Programs
Windows/MS-DOS Shortcuts
Virtual Device Drivers
Automatic Repair
Undo support
History logging
Saving of problems list
Startup Wizard
Registry Defragmentation Professional version only
Registry Backup/Restore Professional version only
System Backup Professional version only
Registry Defragmentation Scheduler Professional version only

2 Mb of free space
16 Mb RAM


21 days trial
nag screen

What's New in This Release

added Spanish language
updated GUI styles
Some controls styles have been changed
Fixed some minors bugs
added support of Help command

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