Bulk Image Downloader 1.21

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Bulk Image Downloader 1.21برنامج Bulk Image Downloader بواسطة هذا البرنامج تستطيع تحميل الصور من على مواقع لديك مثال بسيط أثناء دخولك لموقع يحتوي على الكثير والكثير من الخلفيات لكن صعب جدا تصفح الموقع سواء من بطئ او كثرة الأعلانات لكن مع برنامج Bulk Image Downloader يقوم وانتا على جهاز بمجرد وضع رابط الموقع يقوم البرنامج بتحميل جميع الصور عليه وتحميلها لحاسوبك واستعراضها بطريقة رائعة ومميزة. ومن أهم مميزات البرنامج : تستطيع تحميل الصور والخلفيات من على مواقع الأنترنت, تستطيع أستعراض الصور وأختيار الصور المراد تحميلها فقط, يقوم بدمج أضافات صغيرة مع متصفحات IE, Firefox and Opera. يدعم البرنامج اغلب أستضافت الصورة الشائعة.بواسطة البرنامج تستطيع ان تتجاهل الأعلانات في مواقع وتحميل الصور وانتا على جهازك

Bulk Image Downloader
Preview or download full sized images from web galleries automaticall

Bulk Image Downloader is specially created to automatically download and save images from various image hosting sites, bypassing all the annoying popups and ads that these sites are usually full of

Here are some key features of Bulk Image Downloader

Downloads full sized images from web galleries automatically save time!
Preview galleries interactively and download just the images you want
Integrates with IE, Firefox and Opera
Supports almost all popular image host sites
Bypasses all annoying popups and adverts
Queue Manager allows for multiple galleries to be downloaded automatically without user input

Currently the following image host sites are supported
normal sites where thumbnails link directly to images
imagefap can download an entire multi page imagefap gallery
imagecash redirected links are resolved automatically
usercash redirected links are resolved automatically

How to use it

Simply copy the URL of the web page containing the images such as a a thumbnail gallery and paste it into the URL to page containing links edit box Click on Scan URL for images to bring up a list of images that BID is capable of downloading Select a download folder and then click on Download files to begin downloading the images Try enabling the Try to download from unsupported hosts if no images are found

If you like you can also click on Save Batch to save the download links to a text file These bidlist saved files can be loaded into BID by clicking on the Load Batch/Scan links from file button

To create a list from multiple sources check the Append to existing links checkbox Links will now be appended to the list instead of replacing the existing list when a URL is scanned or a file is loaded

Some image hosts scramble the image filenames In such a case you can select the Generate Filenames checkbox and type in an image prefix Images will be saved as PREFIXnnnjpg where nnn is the images sequence number on the list

The Thumbnails checkbox toggles the display of image thumbnails within the list

If Close when download complete is selected, BID will close automatically after the last image in the list has been downloaded


Only 2 application instances can run simultaneously
A maximum of 2 simultaneous downloads
A maximum of 200 images per batch

Whats New in This Release

fixed possible invalid image detection logic which would prevent certain images from being downloaded
imagevenue filename cleanup improved
added explore button for easy access to selected download folder

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