Easy Notes 5.05 Beta 1

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Easy Notes 5.05 Beta 1Easy Notes سيساعدك بكل سهولة وفعالية في إدارة ملاحظاتك الرقمية .. وهو يحتوي على محرر متقدم للنصوص بحيث تستطيع تنسيق نص الملاحظة كما يحلو لك .. وهو يقوم بتمييز الروابط التشعبية آلياً كما يدعم طباعة الملاحظات والبحث عنهم .. كما أنه يمكنك من أخذ النسخ الإحتياطية عن ملاحظاتك بحيث تضمن عدم ضياعهم وخصوصاً إذا كنت تحتفظ في ملاحظات تهمك جداً

Easy Notes
Easy Notes - It make the way to easy and effectively manage your notes in e-form

Easy Notes will help you easily and effectively manage your notes in e-form An intuitive environment features sticky notes as well as calendar ones

Each note support rich-text formatting that is being widely recognized by almost all text editors By including searching, printing and URL-recognition options, these notes look towards advanced text editors

Moreover Easy Notes support import and export of files/notes with taken of installed MS Office file filters

The sticky notes feature ability to roll note into a single floating bar protecting the note from being viewed/edited
and vice versa This way it also saves your desktop space To offer maximum accessibility, you can pin these notes on desktop as the top-most windows

On Windows 2000/XP there's also option set up transparency, so that desktop is still visible even via note window

Similarly there's also calendar realized as a standalone window, where you can make notes relating to certain dates They are special kind of sticky notes as this window behaves as sticky calendar with several notes

Because your notes are the important ones, Easy Notes comes with a mechanism how to safely backup and restore your notes From the security point of view, you can move all your notes to the safe location to protect them from a violation

There also is a note bin, which stores deleted notes until you permanently remove them

To stay tuned on latest version there's a feature called WebNews It brings you all relevant messages to Easy Notes such as new version and special actions

Other features include custom profiles, auto-run ability and configurable default sticky note properties

Here are some key features of "Easy Notes"

Intuitive & friendly interface
Four kinds of documents sticky note, calendar, note tree and task
Tasks and note tree use tree structures to keep documents hierarchically sorted
Rich text formatting including OLE and URL support
Simultaneous editing of any number of documents
Searching for text in any kind of document
Possibility to translate into any language and to adjust look and position of controls
Install and uninstall functions
Try before you buy with full functionality


60 days trial

What's New in This Release

DocPad - multi-role editor
You can drag active desktop notes, tree notes, calendar days and task folders into
DocPad can be used as file editor
RichEditor plug-in
PlainEditor plug-in
Extensible interface allowing development and usage of third-party plug-ins
Enhanced internal data manager to support plug-ins and synchronization
Password protection and encryption of main data file
Improved user interface look and feel
Tree Notes are being saved faster in some cases
Improved code handling desktop notes' data
DocPad supports regular expressions for searching
New command line options
Software Development Kit that is available as separate download
Enhanced UNICODE support

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