Filookup 1.1

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Filookup 1.1هل سألت يوماً ما إذا كان بالإمكان البحث عن ملف داخل العدد الكبير من الأقراص التي تمتلكها وإيجاده بسهولة .. أو العثور على آخر نسخة من برنامج معين .. لقد جاء Filookup ليجعل من هذه العملية شيئاً ممكناً .. فبفضل التقنية الرائعة التي يمتلكها هذا البرنامج ستتمكن من أرشفة محتويات جميع أقراصك بكل سهولة .. بحيث تستطيع الرجوع إلى الأرشيف والبحث عن الملفات التي تريدها بكل سرعة وسهولة

Filookup description
Filookup - Disc cataloguing software with sophisticated search and browsing capabilites

Ever wondered how to find the particular file you need that had been saved somewhere among dozens of your discs? Or which disc contains the latest version of whatever file you are looking for? Filookup solves all of these problems with ease!

Filookup has been especially designed for efficient cataloguing and searching through the contents of different information storage media, such as floppy discs, DVD, CD, local hard discs, removable storages, etc

After storage content
is saved in the database any required file or path could be easily found at all of its locations with respect to its attributes! Filookup does not require any database engines installed in your system since it uses Daolinx, which is a highly sophisticated database technology developed by Analinx Software

This is what you can do with Filookup
Create and maintain catalogues of your CDs, DVDs, and other storage media
Include information about files and folders on discs into databases
Search for a particular file or browse the content without inserting real disc in your drive
Find all occurrences and versions of a particular file on all discs in the database
Analyse hard disc folders and create list of files that are not yet stored in the database

Here are some key features of Filookup

File and folder searching based on category, disc, file type, size, and date
Simple and user friendly interface
Virtual disc content browsing
No third-party database engines required whatsoever
Stored information is encrypted and password protected
Practically unlimited records number
Fast searching for files and paths
User customizable file filters


Only 1 one database can be created at the predefined location
Only 5 five discs could be added to the database and searched

What's New in This Release

Disc searching/filtering, visual improvements

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