Start++ 0.7.5

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Start++ 0.7.5Start++ هو عبارة عن أداة تضفي تحسينات على قائمة "إبدأ" في ويندوز فيستا، كما تضفي تحسينات على شريط Run، فمثلاً عند كتابتك للحرف w في شريط Run .. يقوم النظام بنقلك إلى صفحة ويندوز فيستا في الموسوعة العالمية الشهيرة Wikipedia .. وعند كتابتك كلمة sudo ومن بعدها أمر تشغيل فيقوم بتشغيل الأمر تحت صلاحيات مدير نظام، ويحتوي العديد من الأوامر التي تجعل تصفح النظام وتشغيل البرامج أسهل

An enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista and a Run box command extender

What is Start++?

Start++ is an enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista It also extends the Run box and the command-line with customizable commands For example, typing w Windows Vista will take you to the Windows Vista page on Wikipedia!

Typing sudo followed by a command will run that command with elevated admin privileges A very useful feature from the command-line as well!

Advanced functions can work with search results, powered by Windows Vista's integrated desktop search engine For example, typing play radiohead will find all music that matches the query radiohead, compile the results into a M3U file, and launch it in your favorite media player actually, it only uses Windows Media Player for the moment, but that will change soon

It also allows users to export and share their favorite commands

Some commands will trigger custom UI in the Start Menu in response to your commands

What's New in This Release

Added support for quotation marks in web search queries anything using %+
%+ substitutions are now URL encoded
Update checking is now aynchronous, won't block start-up of the app especially if the server is slow
Update checking might work better with some proxy servers don't have a repro of the problem that one person reported, so can't promise it's fixed
Start++ now runs native 64-bit on x64 platforms Before it would intentionally always bind to the x86 NET framework because of some interop issues that have now been resolved
The above fix means that sudo will now launch the 64-bit CMD instead of 32-bit CMD, among other things
Various spelling/typo fixes

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