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PPTmovie 2.1.0برنامج أكثر من رائع يمكنك من تحويل العروض التقديمية التي تم تصميمها على برمجية Microsoft Powerpoint إلى مقاطع فيديو تستطيع مشاهدتها على مختلف مشغلات الفيديو .. وهو بإمكانه نقل جميع التأثيرات والأصوات المرفقة بالعرض بحيث يعرض لك العرض بكل مزاياه .. كما أنه يسمح لك بحفظه بنمط بحيث تستطيع تشغيله على جهاز Apple iPod .. ويتميز بواجهته الرائعة وسهلة الإستخدام كما ويتميز بقوته في التحوي

PPTmovie - a nice and easy solution to convert Powerpoint presentations to video files

PPTmovie is a nice and easy solution for converting Powerpoint presentations to video files

PPTmovie perfectly works with animations, graphics, transitions and audios of the original PowerPoint Presentations

If you have ppt file you are just few steps away from your ready-to-use video with your own narrations on it

The stylish and easy-to-use PPTmovie is getting even better we added several pretty useful video output formats, so you can watch and show your presentation on the go on your iPod or mobile now as PPTmovei 11 supports mp4 video format!

We love nice sleaky interfaces as much as you do, so PPTmovie’s got nice buttons and awesome icons
, enjoy

Sometimes you’re in a rush, and can’t remember if it’s 320 by 240 screen resolution or 208 by 320 or the other way around PPTmovie has built-in list of the popular formats to keep you away from making any mistakes in your video presentation, so you can worry about more important things

If you decide to try PPTmovie, you can choose the way you convert your powerpoint presentation You may do it manually, by pressing next button each time you wish to proceed to the next slide or you may define the delay between slides in converter settings and do something more interesting with your mouse

Here are some key features of PPTmovie

Video With PPTmovie on your computer you can convert your powerpoint presentations to several video formats So you can make your presentation available for everyone who can even doesn't have a computer Supported video output formats As this is the first version of the application it supports only AVI video format We are working on Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4 and 3GPP formats right now It will be available soon
Audio Record your narration or record the background music It's hard to imagine anything easier To record the music you just need to turn the favorite track on and PPTmovie will record it from your speakers without any noise while converting Or you can record your comments to any slide you would like by using your microphone
Conversion itself For converting powerpoint presentation file to video file there are two options Manual conversion So the delay between slide will as you press next button on PPTmovie interface Automatic conversion You may define the delay between slides in seconds and don't worry about pressing any buttons at all


Microsoft PowerPoint installed


14 days trial

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