VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulator Pro 11.5

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VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulator Pro 11.5 برنامج VirtualDrive هل أنتا متعب من خدش وخسران أقراص الموسيقى والألعاب المدمجه؟ ويزعجك تبديل قرص مدمج او دي في دي كل مره هل تكره حمل أقراصك المدمجه لأستعمال على حاسوبك النقال ؟ أذا أجبت بنعم أليك هذه المميزات من فيرتيل درايف يعمل فيرتيل درايف شيئين أساسين أولاً هو يمكن نسخ قرص مدمج او دي في دي ويضغطهم على قرص صلب. ثانياً يحتوي سائق الذي يخدع النوافذ وينشئ قرص له كما لو كان قرص مدمج طبيعي يعني ينشئ لك قرص وهمي تستطيع في البرنامج أن تخلق 23 قرص مدمج أفتراضي دي في دي وعدد غير محدد القرص المدمج او دي في دي هذا البرنامج مفيد جداً لكل من يعاني من اقراص مدمجه وبعد اليوم مع هذا البرناج لاتحتاج ألى قرص مدمج للعبة لتشغيلها مثلاً لو لديك صديق وتريد ان تستعير منه قرص لعبة او برنامج وليس لديك ريكورد لتسجيل لكن مع هذا البرنامج هو الحل لك تنسخه في البرنامج وتشغله بواسطة قرص مدمج البرنامج مهم جدا حيث تستطيع تشغيل الألعاب والبرامج التي تقوم بتحميلها مباشرة دون الحاجة نسخة على قرص مدمج او DVD وكذالك الكثير من مستخدمين لايملكون ناسخ DVD والبرامج والألعاب الأن تتطلب ان يكون لديك ناسخ DVD لكن مع هذا البرنامج شغل العابك وبرامجك بدون مشاكل بقرص وهمي

VirtualDrive CDDVD Emulator Pro
Emulates your computers CD/DVD-ROM drive, which enables you to run CD and DVD programs directly from your HDD

VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulator Pro is a very useful CDDVD emulation utility that will come in handy

Are you tired of scratching or losing your favorite PC games or CDs? Of swapping out discs and waiting for them to load? Or of just having to lug all those CDs and DVDs around? VirtualDrive 10 is a CD emulator software that copies a CD or unprotected DVD as a compressed image, or virtual CD, which you can play in place of original discs in any one of up to 23 virtual drives that the software creates

Virtual CDs can be shared over a network or transported on a laptop computer or USB device They run directly on the hard drive, saving wear and tear on your CD-ROM drive and extending the battery life of laptop computers

A virtual CD has access speeds nearly 200 times faster than a CD-ROM, greatly accelerating the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications

copies an entire CD or DVD as a compressed disc-image file, or virtual disc This virtual CD contains a driver that fools Windows into treating it as if it were a physical CD running in a CD-ROM drive

VirtualDrive lets you create up to 23 virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and an unlimited number of virtual CDs and DVDs You can configure as many virtual drives as you have available drive letters, and run multiple virtual CDs simultaneously, swapping them out without having to wait for them to load or spin up

Here are some key features of VirtualDrive CDDVD Emulator Pro

Portability and Convenience Virtual CDs can be saved to a hard drive, network, or USB device, easily transported, and played by browsing and clicking Theres no need to lug around physical discs
Optimal Performance A virtual CD runs directly on the hard drive, eliminating spin up delay And VirtualDrive contains RapidCache technology, which further reduces access times by 75%
Data Backup Protect your CDs from loss, damage, or theft by creating high-quality, compressed digital copies and saving them to your hard drive
CD/DVD Archiving Edit and manage your virtual CDs and create custom virtual CDs with a few clicks of a mouse
Multiple Disc Play Run up to 23 virtual CDs simultaneously depending on the number of virtual drives youve configured Theres no need to swap out physical discs
Live Update Optional Live Update subscription ensures that youll have access to the latest game support, patches, and fixes


Intel Pentium 133


15-day trial

Whats New in This Release

ISO Support Play an ISO file, or standardized disc image, directly in the VCD Manager
Custom VCD Cabinets Archive your virtual CDs in nested cabinets Organize your VCD cabinets by dragging and dropping
Expanded Custom VCD creation Build custom VCDs containing applications, expansion packs, product notes, etc
Hot Keys Create custom keyboard shortcuts to the program features you use the most
Expanded Right Click Functionality With many features only a right click away, VirtualDrive is easier to use than ever

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