Startup Faster! 2004 2.1.6

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Startup Faster! 2004 2.1.6برنامج Startup Faster هل حاسبوك يصبح أبطأ وأبطأ ؟ هل تستغرق فتح نوافذك الكثير من تحميل والبطئ؟ هل ترى ضوضاء القرص صلب عند فتح نوافذ تشغيل ؟ هنا الحل الكامل مع هاذا البرنامج .يقوم هاذا البرنامج بفتح نوافذك بسرعة ضوء من أي وقت مضى تعتبر هذه أداة ثورية لجعل بدء حاسوبك أسرع بكثير أكثر من أي وقت مضى بينما يحمي قرصك الصلب من الفشل المفاجئ حتى لو عند حاسوب سرعته خيالية وذاكرته قوية لكن عليك يجب أن تتحنل الوقت الطويل عندما يقوم الويندوز بتغيل ما النوافذ ومع هذه النسخة الجديدة يقوم بحل جميع هذه المشاكل من فتح النوافذ بكل سرعة خيالية وله الكثير من ميزات التي سوف تجعل من حاسبوك سرعته جنونية في فتح النوافذ

Startup Faster
Startup Faster! 2004- A revolutionary tool to make your computer boot much faster

Startup Faster! 2004 is a revolutionary software to make your computer boot much faster than ever while protecting your hard disk from sudden failure
Even if you have a top-speed computer, you have to endure the long time when booting Windowsall versions Startup Faster! 2004 completely solved this problem As you may know, Windows runs various programs at startup time, you even dont know how these programs were added to the startup list and when they were added

This caused Windows executes a
load of programssometimes more than 30 on startup whether its useful or useless which leads to a very long time starting up even on a fast computer

This problem has a long history since Windows 31, but it seemed that Microsoft wont solve this problem Many users complaint about the long loading time and the noise of the hard disk when loading Windows, you even cant do anything when Windows is loading the startup programs in your Startup group and registry

The reason for this problem is Windows loads all the programs at a time which means more than 20 or 30 programs running at the same time! Thats why your top-level computer looks very slow and costs a lot of time to perform it

Startup Faster! 2004 is specially designed to completely solve this problem, it used a unique technology called SmartBoot? to speed up the startup process Startup Faster 2004 optimizes your boot sequence by execution time and disk load

It handles the loading of Windows and made magnificent efforts! In our thousands of tests, it can speed up your loading speed by 50% to 200%!

Startup Faster! 2004 also provides a powerful control panel to let you control all about startup such as adjusting the execution sequence, enable/disable certain program, etc

You can full control your Windows startup without much computer knowledge Even with the default configuration, it works well on most of the PCs


20 days free trial


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