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Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 4برنامج Nero PhotoShow Deluxe هو برنامج مثالي للتمتع بإمكانيات التعامل مع الصور. إنه برنامج سهل الاستخدام لالتقاط الصور الرقمية وتحسين جودتها والتحكم فيها. هذا إلى جانب إمكانية إعداد عروض جانبية موسيقية وشاشات توقف أو حتى إعداد الصور حسب التنسيقات الشخصية لاستخدامها كهدية للأصدقاء. وبعد إعداد عرض من الصور مصحوبًا بالموسيقى يمكنك مشاركته مع العائلة أو الأصدقاء على الإنترنت من خلال البريد الإلكتروني أو موقع الإنترنت الخاص بالبرنامج "Nero PhotoShow Circle Web site".

Nero PhotoShow Elite
Nero PhotoShow Deluxe Manage, edit and share your photos

Nero PhotoShow Deluxe is packed with lots of features that help you manage, organize, edit, capture and share your photos and albums

Make entertaining musical slideshows of your photos and add clip art, effects, text, captions and much more

You can take your photos to the next level and share your masterpiece with family and friends via online or HTML, or you can burn a CD or Video CD and watch on your DVD player

Here are some key features of Nero
PhotoShow Deluxe

Capture photos from hard disk, digital camera, or import from computer
Organize and manage photos into albums
Edit and touch up photos with
Auto Correct Color
Fine-tune brightness, contrast, saturation, and colors
Red eye correction
Apply filters over 20 choices
Paint tool
Add animated clip art
Frame photos
Add captions and text
Organize and manage slideshows
Name albums and shows for easy search
Edit and watch slideshows
Develop musical slideshows
Add captions and text to photos
Choose from 100+ soundtracks for background music or add MP3
Get creative with animated clip art several categories to choose from
Incorporate special effects theme packs available
Add transitions, titles, credits and much more!
Create memorable custom Photo Gifts
Make screen savers from photos or shows
Make photo calendars
Order custom DVDs in a special case
Print at home or order high quality prints
Personalize desktop with selected photos

Share photos, albums, and slideshows
Email link to family and friends
Make a CD-ROM Burn a CD
Upload to Photo Community for web based viewing
Create HTML to publish your photos on your own web site
Make a Video CD and playback on supported DVD players

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