Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio 2.9.8

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Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio 2.9.8يقوم برنامج Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio بتحويل العروض التقديمية ببرنامج باور بوينت إلى ملفات فلاش وبالتالي ييسر البرنامج من إمكانية توزيع الملفات. ويدعم البرنامج العديد من الخصائص مثل دعم المرفقات وتسجيل الصوت لجعل ملف باور بوينت أكثر تفاعلاً ولإضفاء الخصائص الشخصية علي

Wondershare PT to Flash Studio
Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio - convert PowerPoint to Flash

Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio - Formerly as Wondershare Sameshow is an affordable and cost-efficient program to convert PowerPoint to Flash

It might be a magic conversion between PowerPoint content and Flash material in the past While tons of tools can do this now PPT to Flash Studio beat the other similar products on the market by its effortless procedure, quality-lossless conversion and ceaseless progress

The arrival of Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio is just the evangel to a non-flash experienced user to create professional flash content You can directly transform your premade PowerPoint
presentations into swf slides which will be integrated in the customizable flash player when you use the program as standalone application

Moreover, you just lauch the MS PowerPoint, Wondershare PPT to Flash Studio will be shown in the tool bar at the top of it This also makes MS PowerPoint to be robust and Flash like

You may want to have the presentation run under your control Yes, it's what the PPT to Flash Studio promised to do You decide when to begin and stop, all the actions and motions will make prompt response right after your command

Provided that you are in need of publishing your training course somewhere which requires series of elearning criterias to be compliant with, you may have no idea where to start PPT to Flash Studio ensures you an absolutely standard material for elearning usage as output

SCORM 12 and SCORM 2004 is currently supported by PPT to Flash Studio It is allowed to package the export integrated with the required specification and upload to final locate with FTP

People are no longer satisfied with the plain slides consist of text and still images As the widespread use of multimedia elements, it is requisite to apply rich media content in the slides

PPT to Flash Studio supports the conversion of 169+ animation effects in MS PowerPoint It is allowed to insert video elements into slides, which will be completely retained in the output

You could never worry about the conversion of the imported gif animation and swf movie no matter how compliated they are PPT to Flash Studio will try its best to accomplish a perfect result

As for the audio elements, please feel free to enjoy the function of narration recording, you needn't to rely on the original background music , but a customized one


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