Floppy Office 3.9

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Floppy Office 3.9برنامج يحتوي على البرامج التالية : برنامج ضغط و فك ضغط, برنامج بريد الكتروني لارسال و استقبال الرسائل البريدية, برنامج خاص لحساب الدوال الاحصائية و المصفوفات, برنامج Ftp, برنامج شبيه في عمله Microsoft Office Word, برنامج مفكرة, برنامج لتحويل الملفات النصية الى PDF, برنامج شبيه في عمله Microsoft Office Excel, و هناك المزيد من البرامج, ويمكنك من استخدامها في جهازك الكمبيوتر او على الفلاش ميموري ( USB ) و هذا البرنامج مجاني

Floppy Office
Floppy Office is a collection of small, self contained no-install applications which can run from a USB drive

Floppy Office is a collection of small, self contained no-install applications
which are able to furnish one with a mini office suite which can easily fit on a floppy or be run from a USB drive

This package contains standalone email client, ftp client, graphics editor,
word processor, text editor, PDF creation software, web server for hosting
files via http, encryption software, zip utility, and last but not least,
a spreadsheet program -- all which fit on one floppy disk easily

All of these applications can be run from, or stored on a simple floppy disk
None of them require
installation, so you can also install them to your USB
drive and configure them to your liking on it This is the perfect portable
freeware office solution for anyone who finds themselves working on
different PCs

Here are the applications included in Floppy Office

KPad (kPadzip) - A simple MDI Rich Text editor (replaces Wordpad)
NPopUK (nPOPukexe) - A complete POP3 email client (almost replaces Outlook Express)
Ted (tnp531le_unizip) - An unbelievably full featured notepad replacement which supports unicode(completely replaces notepad, and then some)
EVE (evezip)- A vector editor graphics program which can serve as a flow chart tool (replaces MS Paint, even though Paint is a bitmap editor)
iFtp (iftp-win32-v199zip)- A simple FTP client (replaces WSFTP)
110k Zipper (100ziperexe) - A small zip/unzip utility (almost replaces Winzip)
PDF Producer (PDFproducerExezip) - A simple text-PDF conversion application (almost replaces PDF printer driver)
Spread32 (spread32zip) - A full-featured spreasheet program Version 19991112 Beta is the last free one (almost replaces MS Excel)
MemPad (mempadzip) - keeps little tree sytle notes with a handy index (handy rudimentary outliner)
RenameFiles (renamefiles_v242_uszip) - a handy program for
renaming multiple files in a single step
dsCrypt (dscryptexe) - An AES/Rijndael file encryption software
X-Pass (xpasszip) - X-Pass reveals all system password fields
dsDEL (dsdelexe) - dsDEL is a secure file deletion utility
TinyWeb Server (tinywebzip) - Complete web server, WWW supports MIME file typing, CGI, common log format, and multi-hosting
TinyBox (tinyboxzip) - A graphical user interface for TinyWeb Server

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