ArcSoft Collage Creator 1.0

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ArcSoft Collage Creator 1.0برنامج ArcSoft Collage Creator رائع بكل مقايس كما تعودنا من هذه الشركة العملاقة في مجال الصور تقدم كل شيئ جديد وأبداع تستطيع بهاذا البرنامج الرائع خلق وصنع فن رائع من صورك الرقمية وبمميزات رائعة ومدهشة جداً من ممكن أن تقوم بتريب صورك المفضلة وأضافة عليها التأثيرات الخيالية ببعض نقرات على زر برنامج سهل أستعمال لتحرير وخلق وطبع ومشاركة الصور بين الأهل او الأصدقاء ويوجد في البرنامج الكثير من الأضافت الرائعة التي تستطيع أضافتها على صورك مل شنب او النظارات وغيرها من الأضافات الرائعة لي لي هاذا البرنامج يتميز البرنامج بسهولة تعامل معاه وروعته عندك استعمال له حيث هو الطريق أمثل خلق من صور وأضافة كاريكاتير عليها. برنامج يستحق التجربة

ArcSoft Collage Creator
is a digital scrapbooking application that turns ordinary digital pictures and text into personalized works of art

ArcSoft Collage Creator is a digital scrapbooking application that turns ordinary digital pictures and text into personalized works of art

The program includes everything one needs to turn regular digital photos and text into great-looking scrapbook pages suitable for printing, adding to a scrapbook, sharing with friends or hanging on the wall And because it’s all done with your computer, each masterpiece can printed over and over again

Cool effects, crop templates and enhancement options let you modify each photo in a unique way Combine photos with text and clip art to make collages stand out even more You can even add your own doodles and make words from letters that look like magazine cutouts!

Cool Edges & Shapes
Stamp out your images into a variety of creative shapes

Its a Picasso!
Draw a mustache
on your sister sunglasses on your dog big goofy ears on Uncle Bob ArcSoft DoodleMaker provides all the tools you need for drawing your own custom, color illustrations

No more boring text!
Use ArcSoft Letterboard to assemble your favorite quotes, catchphrases, and slang with magazine-style letter cut-outs Included are a wide variety of styles for every letter of the alphabet

Clip art, clip art, everywhere
Hundreds of clip art images are included to spice up any project Photos and clip art can be rotated, resized, and placed anywhere on your collage board

Love those layers
Powerful layering technology enables you to add and arrange photos in your collage any way you want Position, resize and rotate pictures with simple a click and drag

Author, Author
Insert your own funny slang words, catch phrases or personal sentiments You choose the font, color, size and location

Awesome photo effects
Dozens of unique photo effects are included - make photos look like they’ve faded on the edges, been taped down or ripped from a newspaper

Save it now, change it later
Save your creation as any of the standard image formats including jpg, bmp, and tif Save your collage as a project file so it’s completely editable the next time you open it

Make beautiful prints
Print your masterpiece on a single sheet of paper, or across multiple pages Convenient slider control allows you to adjust the output size instantly

Create a photo collage for all your special events…
School/Church Activities
Block Parties
Company Picnics
Sports Tournaments

Here are some key features of ArcSoft Collage Creator

Crop and assemble digital pictures any way you want
Add creative photo edges and special effects with one click
Choose from over 300 clip art graphics for all occasions
Assemble magazine cut-out words with ArcSoft Letterboard™
Use your own colorful drawings with ArcSoft DoodleMaker™
Print your collage at virtually any size including poster
Add countless layers of photos and text
Apply cool image borders and crop shapes
Create your own doodles
Include magazine-cutout text
Print in a variety of ways


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