MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2

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MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2برنامج MAGIX Ringtone Maker هل لديك هاتف جوال ويدعم واف wav او ام بي ثري MP3 لماذا لاتقوم بنفسك تصميم موسيقى للجوالك بكل سهولة مع هاذا برناج ؟ لكن الأن مع هاذا البرنامج لا أجور ولا أجار ولا رسائل نصية لا تحميل للموسيقى.الأن انتا بنفسك سوف تقوم بتصميم موسيقاك ومن ثم تقوم بتصديرها ألى جوالك بكل سهولة صمم موسيقاك وأضف أليها اروع الأيقعات التي يمتلكها هاذا البرنامج الهائل يمتلك البرنامج الكثير من التاُيرات الرائعة وتستطيع تصميم ميكسات للموبايل وكذالك تستطيع استيراد موسيقاك وأضافة على الأيقعات والتأثيرات الهائلة و تستطيع زيادة من صوت الموسيقى وأضافة عليها الأيكو والصدى برنامج رائع لكل من يمتلك جوال استفد من موارد هاذا البرنامج العملاق من شركة ماجيكس وسوف يدهشك البرنامج عند تجربته

MAGIX RingtoneMaker
MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 will let you transfer all kinds of ringtones to your mobile phone

Create your own ringtones! MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 will let you transfer all kinds of ringtones to your mobile phone Whether its your favorite song, personal recordings, or quirky fun sounds and effects Over 350 sounds, pictures & videos included

The templates for the most widespread ringtone formats are waiting for you everywhere online as MIDI files Simply search for your favorite tune online as a MIDI file, download it, pick out the best parts, convert them with a click and transfer them to your mobile phone If you dont want to search yourself, you can always
use one of the many MIDI files supplied with MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2

Photos from your camera or pictures off the web as backgrounds and logos on you mobile phone - the right scene for every day and mood

Distort music and speech recordings in tempo time-stretching and in pitch pitch-shifting with the adjustable dial fader, from Mickey-Mouse effects to sound filters Regardless whether you want to adjust the speed, the dynamics or the sound characteristics, MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 supplies numerous options for an unmistakable sound every time

The MAGIX Remix Agent 20 automatically analyzes a chosen MP3s or Audio CD tracks beat and inserts clean and precisely cut loops which build the optimal basis for your ringtone creations Tedious searching for guitar or drum solos, for the start of the beat or end of the verse is now a thing of the past

The fun doesnt end once your MAGIX ringtone is on your mobile phone With MAGIX Mobile Music Maker you can create individual ringtones - anytime, anywhere Waiting around becomes a pleasure! Simply load this free bonus onto your Symbian mobile phone and get started immediately Fresh new sound sets are now available for download onto your mobile phone

Here are some key features of MAGIX Ringtone Maker

Video ringtones
Polyphonic ringtones
Wallpaper & logo support
Title Editor
MAGIX Remix Agent 20
Updated list of compatible mobile phones
New import and export formats BMP, JPG, Real, WMV, MIDI, and much more
MAGIX Mobile Music Maker
MAGIX Video Selector

Requirements 64 MB 128 MB recommended, Min 400 MHz

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