MAGIX Music Maker 11

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MAGIX Music Maker 11برنامج MAGIX Music Maker رائع من الناحية الصوتية توجد ميزات عديدة . متعدد المسارات مما يعطى البرنامج سهولة والمعالجة ونقاوة فى الاستماع والتحكم فى تركيب الموسيقى....ومن كثرة المسارات اصبح من الممكن تصفح الاغنية بأدق تفاصيلها حيث يمكنك ان تتحكم بكل ثانية منها واضافة موثر مكانها اذا اردت...هذا من الناحية الصوتية اما من الناحية المرئية اى القيديو....يمكنك ان تضيف موثرات بصرية تستطيع التحكم بها....كما يمكنك اضافة نص متحرك وادخال صورة فى صورة وعمل انتقالات بين المشاهد لتزيد من متعة المشاهدة لا يقتصر عمل البرنامج على الصناعة الصوتية المرئية ولكن على المشاركة ان كان عبر الشبكة او مع الاصدقاء تستطيع ان ترسل الاغنية التى اضفة لمساتك عيلها بواسطة البرنامج الى صديق لك عبر البريد الالكترونى

MAGIX Music Maker
With MAGIX Music Maker you can create Music

With MAGIX Music Maker you can create Music

With MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe you can create soundtracks for CDs, presentations, and websites, or simply for the joy of making music

Would you like to play or accompany your favorite hits on guitar or keyboard? MAGIX Harmony Agent shows you guitar grips, harmonies and chords automatically Simply choose your favorite song, start the MAGIX Harmony Agent and give it a go

With the new parametric 4-Band Equalizer you can fine-tune songs and sounds optimally For the quick setting, just use 4 controllers, for experts, all
the settings can be found under Edit

The improved MAGIX Remix Maker 20 together with the MAGIX Remix Agent automatically recognize a chosen sounds beat and splits up the song into individual sound blocks Subsequently, they can be newly combined either manually or at the touch of a button any way you want

The innovative and excellent studio reverb effect device with fantastic stereo sound will impress every music fan and really raises the bar with its ultra-realistic reverb algorithm Whats so special about it? For the first time, you have combined reverb effect models that give your recordings real space and depth, clearly setting your sound apart from other, more 2-dimensional effects Those who just want to start playing straight away can use the pre-programmed effect settings Suitable for studio and stage In short
A real dream room!

Correct or edit your vocals by simply drawing or moving - from natural-sounding fine-tuning to the seemingly synthetic Cher effect The intelligent Harmonizer creates a 4-vocal choir just as easily and automatically adapts to the key If you need female vocals but only have a male singer, you can now simply create a female voice from the male one and vice versa

Here are some key features of MAGIX Music Maker

Clear user interface
Harmony recognition
4-Band Equalizer
Remix Maker 20 and Remix Agent 20
Synchro filter
Vintage Effects Suite
SampleTank 2 MX
Elastic Audio easy
51 Surround
Task Assistant

Requirements 64 MB 128 MB recommended, Min CPU speed 450 MHz

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