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McFunSoft Video Capture/Convert/Burn DVD Solution

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McFunSoft Video Capture/Convert/Burn DVD Solution Video Capture/Convert/Burn DVD Solution عدة متكاملة من الوظائف مجموعة في هذا البرنامج ذو الواجهة الرائعة .. لقد جاء هذا البرنامج ليمكنك من التقاط، تسجيل، تعديل، تحويل، حرق أي نوع من ملفات الفيديو .. فهو بإمكانه التقاط وتسجيل الفيديو من عدة مصادر .. سواء كاميرا الفيديو العادية أو كرت التلفاز أو كرت الستالايت .. وأيضاً يتيح لك تعديل أي ملف فيديو مع أكثر من 40 تأثير رائع .. وهو بإمكانه تحويل بين أي نسق من أنساق الفيديو الشهيرة بوضوح وسرعة عاليين .. ولا ننسى بأنه يقوم بحرق المخرجات بأنماط DVD,SVCD,VCD .. وهو يدعم نظامي PAL و NTSC

McFunSoft Video Capture Convert Burn DVD Solution
McFunSoft Video Capture/Convert/Burn DVD Solution - Convert, capture, edit videos and burn to dvd

McFunSoft Video Solution is a powerful video program to capture, convert, edit and burn It can capture from DV, web camera, VCR, TV tuner, and analog camera convert any most-used video with high-quality in high-speed split and merge video files in different formats edit videos with more than 40 kinds of effects burn videos into DVD/VCD/SVCD

Both PAL and NTSC are defined in McFunSoft Video Solution, which means you can capture videos from any most-used TV channel, and burn to DVD/VCD/SVCD You may have a video need more brightness,
and this solution can help you More than 40 kinds of effects can be added to videos, so that you got the best optimized video before burning No matter avi to DVD, or MPEG to RM, any most used video formats can be converted in it

More capture devices supported
Realize more effects adding in video edits
Optimize converting process in speed and video quality
Encoder and Decoder updated, corresponding to latest Windows Media Player
Bring in high-speed solution in User Interface
Some requested enhancements and a few bug fixes

Here are some key features of McFunSoft Video Capture Convert Burn DVD Solution

Convert Between All Video Formats Such as AVI DivX, XviD, etc, MPEG 1,2 and 4, QuickTime, Real Video, WMV and DVD, SVCD, VCD
Burn DVD, VCD or SVCD Create movie DVDs from video files of all supported formats to watch them on your home DVD player with friends and family
Enhance Your Videos The only video conversion tool which offer powerful video editing tool Rotate, add titles and credits, apply more than 40 effects to your movies
Simple Transfer Capture from DV and analog cameras, VCRs, TV tuners and WEB cams Start making your movies from the first run
Batch Mode Processing Process several files at once Merge and split them Delete unwanted scenes from your movies Join several video files and make one DVD
Extract Audio and Images Save audio streams as audio files, extract single frames and save them as image files


30 Days Trial

What's New in This Release

supports iPod video format
fixes some bugs


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