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FlaX 4.10برنامج FlaX رائع جدا وسهل لعمل تواقيع فلاشية مدعومة بتأثيرات حلوة وهذا شرح برنامج اتمنى ان ينال اعجابك يقوم البرنامج بتصميم تواقيع في غاية الجمال اصنع اجميع التواقيع وضعها في المنتديات او المواقع برنامج سهل استعمال جداً مع شرح مفصل ورائع للطريقة أستعمال البرنامج يبرنامج ذو مميزات رائعة جداً ويستحق التحميل والتجربة اذا كنت تحلم بصنع توقيع رائع وخفيف وتضعه في المنتدى بهاذا البرنامج تستطيع كل شيئ تقوم به للصنع توقيع وبكل سهولة برنامج رائع جداً وقد قامت بشرح الموضوع المبدعة دلوعة نت شرح مفصل طريقة انشاء توقيع واضافة التأثيرات الى توقيع وطريقة الكتابة كذالك برنامج رائع جداً يستحق التحميل والتجربة

FlaX description
FlaX creates text effects for Macromedia Flash, and does that real-time

FlaX comes equipped with 143 predefined effects, subdivided into 52 highly adjustable categories, which you can tweak using sliders and buttons, thus being able to create tens of thousands of unique effects

What can FlaX do for you? FlaX creates real-time awesome Flash text effects, which you can later process in Macromedia Flash, or use directly on your web site

FlaX effects have the great advantage that they can be imported into Flash This way it's very easy to let the text effects be part of your own created Flash movie

FlaX' WYSIWYG interface turns the creation of professional text effects into a matter of adjusting some sliders and pressing some buttons FlaX' direct processing
capabilities make sure that you never have to guess what your settings will look like you are already looking at the result!

Any adjustment made takes effect immediately, which makes FlaX a productivity tool that you can't afford to miss out on Creating high quality ShockWave material has never been so simple

Here are some key features of FlaX

FlaX offers great flexibility in altering the effects
Each text effect has its own Fx Properties window On this window you can find several factory preset effects in a dropdown list
You also can find sliders and buttons to alter the effect to your own taste Any change you make will be visible immediately, thus making it very easy to create your own effect variations
You can bookmark any effect variation you made, and your effect will then get added to the factory preset effects, for future use You can also export these bookmarks, and share them with others

All fonts on your system will be included in FlaX
If you want to use other fonts in FlaX, simply download any TTF font, and install it on your computer FlaX will automatically include it in its font list

Many font coloration options
FlaX has many font coloration and styling options solid letters, outline only letters, gradient coloration, etc

Font shaping
With FlaX you can change the shape of your text You can use shaping for all of the FlaX effects See our shape samples page to see what this can do for your text effect

FlaX SWF files can be imported into Flash
Unlike several other text effects programs, the effects created by FlaX can be imported directly into Adobe Flash This means that FlaX effects can be very easily integrated into your other Flash work
Additionally, Goldshell has a free SWF editor called Clipyard, with which you can merge several FlaX effects into one new one


While unregistered, it will scramble the exported effects

What's New in This Release

effect bookmarking, angled effects, shaped text, text outline coloring, more letter coloring options, etc etc

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