UltraMixer Advanced Edition 2.0.13

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UltraMixer Advanced Edition 2.0.13UltraMixer هو عبارة عن برنامج لأغراض دمج الأصوات الرقمية (DJ-Mixing) .. وهو يدعم العديد من الأنماط الصوتية مثل ( MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG ) .. كما يتيح لك القيام بالعديد من العمليات والتعديلات على تلك الملفات .. بحيث تحصل على عمل صوتي احتراف

UltraMixer Advanced Edition
UltraMixer is a mixing software for digital djs

UltraMixer is a DJ-Mixing-Software which enables you to mix digital music in various formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV or CDs in real time

All you need is a sound card The DJ's turntables are replaced by two digital SoundPlayers, the vinyls are available within seconds through the integrated FileArchive

No matter whether you want to use UltraMixer for a professional gig or at a private party or as virtual jukebox in restaurants, hair studios or medical surgeries - it will prove the right choice!

is the first DJ software in the world, that is available for the most popular operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

There are three versions of UltraMixer available the Free-Edition and the Basic-Edition for private users and the Advanced-Edition for high demands and commerical use All versions are integrated in one program, and can be activated through the appropriate licence keys This enables the user to switch to a more advanced version without any problems

UltraMixer Advanced contains more functions than UltraMixer Basic and comes with an upgraded user interface Beginners will get used to this version very soon UltraMixer Advanced suits professional users, who are already experienced in the world of digital mixing, and who don't want to miss a lot of useful features

Those are some of the functions UltraMixer Advanced offers Realtime Effects, support of various formats, Loop-In / Loop-Out function, MidiController (Hercules DJ Console, Behringer BCD2000) support and much more The purchase of a licence for UltraMixer Advanced authorizes individual persons and organisations for private, public and commercial use of this software


Processor Intel Pentium III (1GHz+) / AMD 1GHz+ / PowerPC 1,2GHz
256 MB RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
Sound card (multi channel sound card recommended)
Java 15


trial version works for 21 days or 40 starts

What's New in This Release

new direct play button
new high accurate offline bpm calculation
new support for the light controlling software Madrix
new support for the simple format of m3u-playlists winamp, foobar

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