Ulead CD&DVD PictureShow 4

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Ulead CD&DVD PictureShow 4Ulead CD&DVD PictureShow برنامج عملاق من إنتاج رائدة برمجيات الوسائط المتعددة Ulead .. يمكنك من عمل عروض صور مميزة لصورك المختلفة بشكل رائع وأخاذ لتستطيع مشاهدتها على التلفاز .. وهو يمكنك من إضافة التأثيرات المميزة بين الصور والخلفيات الموسيقية وتعليقاتك على الصور بحيث تحصل على منتج إبداعي تستمتع بمشاهدته مع العائلة والأصدقاء .. وهو يحتوي على العديد من القوالب الجاهزة بحيث يسهل عليك عملية مونتاج الصور

Ulead DVD PictureShow
Ulead CD&DVD PictureShow - The complete photo sharing solution for your digital camera

Ulead® CD & DVD PictureShow 4 makes it easy to create entertaining photo slideshows to watch on TV

Turn your photos into complete slideshows with transitions, music, narration, captions and stunning effects in only three steps

Use Instant-Show™ theme templates to make outstanding slideshows the first time, every time

Here are some key features of Ulead DVD PictureShow

Step 1 Import & Organize
Import photos from all digital cameras, camera
phones, memory cards or other USB devices
Use a simplified three-step workflow - organize your images, select an Instant-Show™ theme template and then burn to CD or DVD
Built-in photo repairs from ExpressFix™ to quickly fix common photo problems such as incorrect exposure, color cast, saturation, and focus - you can also beautify skin

Step 2 Choose Your Slideshow Style
Want to make it quick?
Use Instant-Show™ theme templates and get all the aspects of an entertaining slideshow Templates mix meaningful themes with rich special effects for stunning results
Want more control?
Let creativity be your guide and personalize your slideshow with narration, special effects and your favorite music or images

Step 3 Burn & Share
Watch your slideshows on TV in the comfort of your living room Your slideshow disc will play on standard DVD players
Archive your original, high-resolution photos on the same disc as your slideshow for safe-keeping
Integrated CD labeling software lets you print personalized CD labels and CD indexes to go along with your slideshow disc


Intel® Pentium® 4 13 GHz Processor Pentium 4 20 GHz recommended
256MB RAM 512MB recommended
200MB of available hard drive space for program installation
CD-ROM drive
True-color or High-color display and monitor


30 days trial

What's New in This Release

All-new Instant-Show™ theme templates with stylish DVD navigation menus, background music and pan & zoom, transition and motion effects, are the ideal way to quickly create a complete slideshow
Customizable Pan and Zoom, also known as the Ken Burns effect, adds excitement as you can pan across or zoom into the details of your photos
Built-in photo repairs from ExpressFix™ enables you to quickly fix common photo problems such as incorrect
exposure, color cast, saturation, and focus - you can also beautify skin
Trim audio function lets you adjust music to the desired length It’s the perfect built-in tool to add small clips or
sections of audio to a slideshow
Multi-trim video lets you select segments from a video file and then insert them into your slideshow so that you can view your photos and video together on one disc
CD audio support enables you to use your favorite music from CDs as background audio in the slideshow
Audio & Effect interface lets you easily customize every aspect of your slideshow You can add multiple audio files to your slideshow, view and change individual transitions between photos, apply different pan & zoom effects, control each photo’s duration and more
Decorate photos with new and enhanced clipart objects and props The size and location of all the clipart can be personalized so it looks just the way you want
Save Photo as a Separate File is a convenient function that enables you to save any photos that have been enhanced, repaired or customized

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