Plato DVD iPod Ripper 6.73

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Plato DVD iPod Ripper 6.73Plato DVD iPod Ripper هل ترغب في مشاهدة الأفلام التي تمتلكها على الأقراص الرقمية على جهاز الـ iPod الخاص بك؟؟ بإمكانك فعل ذلك مع برنامج Plato DVD iPod Ripper .. فهو يقوم بتحويل النمط المستخدم في الأقراص الرقمية إلى نمط يفهمه جهاز الـ iPod ويستطيع قرائته، وبذلك فهو يتيح لك مشاهدة أفلامك المفضلة على جهاز الـ iPod الخاص بك في أي وقت .. ويتميز هذا البرنامج بسرعته ومرونته، ويتميز بقدرته على تحويل الأفلام الغير قابلة للنسخ

Plato DVD iPod Ripper
Plato DVD iPod Ripper helps you convert DVD movies to ipod mp4 video regardless DVD Region

Are you dying to wacth DVD movies on your iPod? Already have great numbers DVD movies you want to play on your iPod? No Problem

Plato DVD to iPod Ripper will help you easily convert them to a format that iPod understands And you will watch your own video on our iPod anytime anywhere

Before you rip, you can choose subtitle,audio track,frame rate and audio quality if needed And its flexible Output setting let you customize your generated Movie size

Plato DVD to iPod Ripper is simpler and easier to use It takes just a few clicks to complete the task of ripping your DVD movies Other DVD iPod Ripper applications
only rip unprotected DVD movies, but Plato DVD to iPod Ripper can rip almost DVD movies even it is protected

Since the conversion sometimes is a long time job,it could be 2-3 hours, or 5-6 hours, depending on your system configuration, with automatically shutdown feature,you can just go to sleep, let your computer do all jobs and automatically shutdown when all jobs done

Here are some key features of Plato DVD iPod Ripper

Support Ripping DVD by custom file size
Support choose subtitle and Audio track to rip
Support Setting Beginning and Ending point to rip
Normally, the conversion speed is 1/3 of the playback speed
Support Ripping CSS(Content Scrambling System) protected DVD movies
Support Ripping region protected DVD movies
Support Ripping Macrovision Protected DVD movies
Support Ripping SONY ARCCOS protected DVD movies
Support Automatically Shut down your computer after long time conversion
Best quality the support for the latest industry standards ensures the videos you create with best picture and audio quality


30% file conversion

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