McFunSoft Audio Studio 6.7.5

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McFunSoft Audio Studio 6.7.5McFunSoft Audio Studio بهذا البرنامج تستطيع أن تجعل من جهازك إستديو وذلك بتحرير او تسجيل او تحويل جميع أنواع الملفات الصوتية وذلك بتقنية عالية برامج ممتاز لسماع الصوتيات و تسجيل الأغاني وغيرها وبإمكانه نسخ الملفات لأي قرص ليزري كما يتيح تحرير ملفات الملتي ميديا الصوتية تقطيعا و دمجا و كذلك تحسين الصوت بالاضافة الى 50 تأثير وبإستطاعته تحويل الصيغ ، ويتيح التسجيل و استخلاص الملفات من سيدي الاوديو ونسخ اوديو سيدي وMP3 الام بي تري وإضافة الفلاتر وحرق الملفات الصوتيه على اقراص مدمجة ويدعم الكثير من الصيغ

McFunSoft Audio Studio
Edit, record, convert, burn, grab - CD, mp3, rm, wav, wma, and other audios

McFunSoft Audio Studio helps to grab music from a CD, you can record audios, in virtually any format

Stop there, and burn your improved, converted audio files to disc Or use the advanced audio editor to create your own music and songs that you can transfer to DVDs and VCDs, or upload to the WebFaster, better, more; that is what McFunSoft Audio Studio is all about

Grabbing audio has never been faster, and creating free-style music has never been easier Your music is where, when, and how you want it, and your music never express this good Expand your digital horizons with the No1 audio solution!

Here are some key features of
McFunSoft Audio Studio

Grab and Import Audio - McFunSoft Audio Graber is designed specifically for music fans and brings every track in a CD to your professional productions With a friendly user interface and simple workflow, it makes the process of music obtaining quick and easy
Edit Audio - Edit audio the way you want itEdit like a pro with advanced effects and filters, which covers all industrial audio editing option
Burn CD, and MP3 disc - McFunSoft Audio Studio integrates all of the burning technology into one workstation It is the only authoring station that gives you fast and efficient access to Disc-Audio production
Convert Audio Format - It offers wide-covered Real-time Decoding technology Whether you need MP3 in pocket player, or WMA for Web delivery, McFunSoft Audio Studio offers the quality your business demands
Record Audio - Record audio from micro phone, CD, video, and any audio you can hear from your computer
Edit Audio Information - Display and edit of audio informations such as album, artists, year of publication and over a dozen others may show in all media players

Pentium 233 MHz
50M HD


7 uses trial

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