Switch Center Enterprise 1.1.5

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Switch Center Enterprise 1.1.5Switch Center هو عبارة حزمة متكاملة من الأدوات لإدارة مفاتيح تحويل الشبكة لديك (Network Switches) .. فهو يقوم بتحليل ومراقبة أداء ومدى إتصال الشبكة .. وهو يقوم بإكتشاف أي مفتاح تحويل شبكة من أي نوع وتقديم الحلول الفورية لصيانة الشبكة .. وهو يقوم بعرض المنافذ التي يستخدمها مفتاح التحويل وغيرها من المعلومات التي قد تفيد إخصائيي الشبكات

Switch Center Enterprise
A complete management suite for network switches that helps to monitor and analyze your network

Switch Center is a complete management suite for network switches that helps you to monitor and analyze your network connectivity and performance

Switch Center can discover any manageable switch or hub from any vendor that supports SNMP BRIDGE-MIB and provides real-time solution for network maintenance

Switch Center designed to provide real-time management system that helps to control your network resources by exploring your network switches and hubs

Switch Center uses sophisticated network scanning that combines discovery of your network switches and mapping their ports to your network entities

Each network entity is explored individually giving you the ability to control each and every resource of your network and proactively controlling them, without the need of any remote agents or special network considerations

Note:support unlimited network switches

Here are some key features of "Switch Center Office":

Real-time network discovery and monitoring
Nodes and users discovery including port location
Real-time network connectivity supporting graphical views
Real-time reports and statistics including exporting capabilities
Database exporting support for SQL and HTML Enables online updating
Central viewer supporting multiple servers for restricted and isolated networks
Multiple levels of management users and access permissions
Email and SNMP trap alerts forwarding
Daily and weekly e-mail reports


Microsoft Internet Explorer 60 or higher
A 800 MHz or faster processor with at least 256 MB of RAM


30 days trial
Supports one network switch


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