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KMPlayer BetaKMPlayer هل تعاني من الحمل الزائد الناتج من تشغيل ملفات الصوت والفيديو على مشغل الملتميديا الحالي؟ هل تريد مشاهدة ملفات الصوت و الفيديو بسرعة؟ اذن KMPlayer هو ما تحتاج. يدعم البرنامج العديدالعديد من امتدادات الفيديو الصوت. يمكن تغيير الواجهة الخاصة بالبرنامج سهولة. بالاضافة الى ذلك يمكن التقاط الفيديو والصوت واستعمال الفلاتر من داخل البرنامج

A korean media and DVD Front-End Player

KMPLAYER is a korean movie and audio player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, It has full VCD/DVD playback functionality

KMPlayer is a program that allows you to play audio and video files

Here are some key features of KMPlayer

Supported Files or Devices
HTTP Streaming(AVI etc including none-streaming media)
Directshow playback (avi, mkv etc)
Real Engine + Directshow (needs Real Player or Alternative)
QuickTime Engine + Directshow (needs QuickTime player or Alternative)
Mplayer Engine Support
Winamp Input Plugin(decoder) Support
Compressed Audio Album Support(zip, rar)
Audio CD(2000, XP only / Win9x-Support by winamp plugin)
Video CD/SVCD/XCD CDXA Format (2000, XP only)
DVD playback
DTS Wave and AC3 files
WDM device support like TV or Camera
CD Image File (BIN/ISO/IMG/NRG) NRG needs mplayerdll
Shoutcast (Including NSV)
AAC, OGG parser/decoder
Shockwave Flash/FLC/FLI
Ape/MPC/Flac/Module etc
Various Image files like png, gif etc
Incomplete/Damaged AVI file (Skip Damaged Frames)
Locked Media Files while downloading or sharing

Built-in Codec/Filters
Video Codec
MPEG4 (Divx/Xvid ffmpeg/xvid)
MPEG1/2 (ffmpeg/libmpeg)
etc (ffmpeg)
Audio Codec
2Ch to Multi Channel expansion
External Codec
Media Priority to Connect among Directshow, Real, QT, Winamp and Mplayer
Custom Filter Manager
System Filter Manger

Winamp Input Plugins
Winamp DSP Plugins (Can Stack)
Winamp Visual Plugins (Can Stack)
Winamp General Plugins (Media Library etc Support)
KMP Video Plugins by SDK (Can Stack)
DScaler Filter Support (Can Stack)

What's New in This Release

Improved KMP RealMedia Splitter to support more real formats
Added Load External Audio menu (playback will be restarted)
Enhanced multiple subtitles support
Several bugfixes

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