Photo-Brush 3.51

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Photo-Brush 3.51Photo-Brush برنامج رائع ويستعمله الكثير أجعل من صورك تحفة فنية بواسطة هاذا البرنامج الرائع تستطيع أضافة التأثيرات على صورك وعمل براويز رائعة وتلاعب في الوان وتستطيع مزج بين الصور وعمل الكثير الكثير بواسطة هاذا البرنامج ويفر لك البرنامج الكثير من أمكانيات الرائع للتحكم والرسم تستطيع عمل تواقيع رائعة لك بواسطة هاذا البرنامج وكذالك تستطيع تصميم بطاقات رائعة ويوجد في البرنامج الكثير من الفلاتر لي وضع لمساتك الرائعة على الصور برنامج رائع لتحرير صورك بكل سهولة ينصح بأستعماله وتجربته

Photo-Brush is an image editor natural and artistic media painting program picture retouching utility and photo enhancer

Photo-Brush is an image editor natural and artistic media painting software picture retouching utility and photo enhancer

It has many rich tools and effects for photo adjusting and photo retouching found in much more expensive professional tools

It is also one of very few featured image editors supporting full range of EXIF informations from Digital Camera images

There are also some effects and tools you can hardly find elsewhere
You can easily correct all unwanted problems of your digital images you can create a new painting or web graphics

Here are some key features of "PhotoBrush":

Version 35 adds RAW support for over 100 different cameras
The version 3x brings brand new fully configurable GUI
High quality Barrel and Pincushion Distortion Correction for Lens errors
Native support for Minolta DiMAGE Color Space conversion (DiMAGE 7 5 F100 S304 S404 X etc)
Chromatic Aberration Auto-Removal
Date Stamp
Automatic Dust removal from scanned images
Image Browser for Thumbnail view
Load and Save Exif information
Support for Adobe Compatible plug-ins
Poster Print on normal printer using overlaped pages
Support for Scanners even 32 bit film scanners
Image Nozzle Artistic Brushes (Van Gogh anyone?)
Support for PSP Picture Tubes
Pressure Sensitive tablet support
Automatic enhancing of photos
Recordable Action Macros
Libraries of brushes
Rendered text with 3D and Drop Shadow
Can read and write Adobe PhotoShop PSD files
Over 140 professional textures included
You will learn many retouch techniques


30 day trial

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