GIF Movie Gear 4.1.2

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GIF Movie Gear 4.1.2GIF Movie Gear برنامج لتصميم وإنشاء الصور المتحركة لإستخدامها أو إضافتها الى صفحات الانترنت‏ وطريقة إستخدام هذا البرنامج بسيطة حيث يسمح للمستخدم بتصميم عدد من الصور ثم دمج هذه الصور معاً وعرض الصورة المتحركة في شكل فيلم ويعمل مع جميع اصدارات الويندوز

GIF Movie Gear
GIF Movie Gear si a professional tool to create edit and optimize GIF files

GIF Movie Gear is going to change the way you create GIF animations Building on an intuitive user interface GIF Movie Gear adds powerful tools to help you get your animations in gear This is a professional level utility for the professional Web designer

By relying on substance instead of hype GIF Movie Gear makes GIF animation building quick and easy It is not a bloated slow complicated app that is a chore to use What it is is small fast and efficient

It gives you the tools you need to get the job done cleanly and effectively The superior interface shows all the frames of the animation at once making it easy to see what
you are working on

Top quality optimization and color reduction functions keep your file sizes down Fine-tuning of timing transparency cropping sizing and color palettes is trivial A variety of import/export options including GIF AVI BMP JPEG ICO PNG and layered Photoshop PSD files support most common image formats And the built-in tutorial helps you get started in no time

Here are some key features of "GIF Movie Gear":

Easy-to-use intuitive interface that lets you see all the frames at once and to use the mouse to interact directly with the frames (screen shot)
Multiple selection of frames for easy manipulation of more than one frame at a time And because of the superior interface you can see which frames you have selected
Control of all aspects of animation from delays to removal methods to palette management directly from the toolbar (screen shot)
Edit Timing quickly and easily directly in the preview window either frame by frame or using relative or absolute global changes (screen shot)
LiveEdit lets you edit a frame or the whole animation (as layers in Photoshop) directly in the image editor of your choice Changes saved in the editor appear automatically in GMG
24-Bit Color support to let you build animations (AVI) without losing any color data Also useful for icon files and for PSD PNG BMP and JPEG manipulation
Palette reduction with a before-and-after animated view to help get your file size down while maintaining the animation's image quality (see example)
Inter-frame optimization to shrink the file size even more (see example)
Blend Two Animations frame by frame to easily generate a composite animation It's never been easier to put two animations side by side or a new background behind a sprite animation

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