ImageForge PRO 3.63

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ImageForge PRO 3.63ImageForge PRO سهل لكي يستخدم كمحرر للصور أنه مثالي للتأثير عليها ولدمج الصور وأنشائها يساعدك في صفحات الويب ويساعد في صنع روتوش عليها وإنشاء الصور المتحركة

ImageForge PRO
ImageForge PRO is a complete digital art studio which almost anyone can afford.

Whether you want to put your company logo up as wallpaper, do something creative with those photos from your new digital camera, or create graphics for your web site, ImageForge PRO is an inexpensive, yet powerful, suite of image editing tools which will have you turning out digital art in no time.

Packed with high-end features, such as support for drawing tablets and Photoshop-style plug-in filters, ImageForge PRO is simple enough for kids, but with the all the power you'll need to produce high-quality artwork.

a second time on the basic tools in the ImageForge toolbar, and you will find variations on each. Paint with oils or watercolor brushes, create stars and polygons, smudge out wrinkles, clone between images, drag out 3D text and other objects, and much more.

You can experiment with creating your own custom brushes, painting with clipart brushes, or even producing your own animations.

Once you have created your images, you can generate stand-alone album "Library" programs to give to friends and family. Add special effects transitions between images, or even create slide shows with an audio background. If you prefer, you can turn your slides show into a Windows screen saver.

For the budding webmaster, an Internet layer allows you to split images across HTML tables, create clickable image maps, and add special effects to images for your web pages.

HTML code is automatically generated, ready for you to insert into your web documents. Supports most common web image formats: .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF (normal, transparent, animated).

Other options include: conversion of groups of image files, printing multiple images per sheet of paper, adding grids to your printouts, image merging and masking tools to combine images seamlessly, scanner and other TWAIN device support, distortable text, etc.

ImageForge PRO is a complete digital art software application which almost anyone can afford.


20 days trial
nag screen
some features are limited

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