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CompuPic 6.23.1364CompuPic برنامج يقوم بأستعراض الصور بطرية رائعة جداً قد الكثير لايعرفه لكن يعتبر برنامج شهير جداً في مجاله وبل يتميز في بعض مميزات عن برامج اخرى التي تقوم بعمل بنفس المجال يقوم البرنامج بأستعراض جميع الصور وتستطيع تستعرضها بشاشة كاملة تستطيع تتصفح الملفات في حاسبوبك بأسرع من أي برنامج أخر يدعم البرنامج جميع المتصفحات ويستعرض ألاف الملفات ويدعم البرنامج أكثر من 100 نوع ملف وتستطيع تحرير صورك بكل سهولة وازلة العين الحمراء وتستطيع كذالك مشاركة صورك عائلاتك او أصدقائك برنامج رائع يستحق التجربة

CompuPic fills in the gap between the files on your computer and the other applications you already use

For over a decade users just like you have faced a common problem What do you do when you start collecting hundreds or thousands of digital images? You get CompuPic the perfect utility for organizing and using your digital content

CompuPic fills in the gap between the files on your computer and the other applications you already use CompuPic will give you the fast and simple yet powerfull method for quickly browse and organize your pictures Make quick adjustments without waiting for massive photo editing applications to load Do more wait less

Here are some key features of "CompuPic":

Fastest Visual Browsing
Fastest thumbnail creation
Effortless support for browsing hundreds of thousands of files
performance for entering and browsing folders with large numbers of files
Integrated address bar for easier navigation
Select multiple folders at once
Browse ZIP archives just like folders
Automatic or manual thumbnail creation
Thumbnail pictures videos fonts clip-art text files and more
Perfect quality real-time preview
Supports over 100 file types
Five different view modes

Full File Management
Copies and move files faster than Windows® Explorer
Configurable actions for launching files in other applications
Sort files in any order with custom ordering
Cut copy and paste files
Duplicate rename delete files
Copy files and images for use in other applications
Aquire pictures from any digital camera or scanner

View Pictures
Fast full screen or windowed viewing
Zoom and pan with incredible quality
Quickly navigate to next and previous images

Incredible Slide Shows
Over 100 eye-popping Slide Show transitions
Use background sounds and music
Unique Maxi-Show displays multiple images at once

Make Quick Enhancements
Auto-correct images
Adjust brightness contrast color hue and more
Crop and Auto-Crop pictures
Add fuzzy vignette borders
Remove red-eye
Resize to any size
Rotate to any angle
Overlay high quality text talk bubbles and thought bubbles

Share Online
Integrated e-mail make sending files easy
Automatically generates web pages
Upload photos to popular online photo sharing sites like PictureCDcom Supports more photo sharing sites than any other application
Send Digital Greeting Cards
Order postcarts using AmazingMailcom
Order poster sized prints using Bignosecom

Powerful Tools
Print pictures at any size
Create customized Picture Index contact sheets
Batch rename any number of files
Batch convert files to multiple formats
Losslessly rotate any number of files at once
Create screen savers and desktop wallpaper


Windows XP 2000 98/ME 95
800x600 display
450 Mhz processor
70 MB hard drive space

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