Advanced Encryption Package 2007 4.6.10

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Advanced Encryption Package 2007 4.6.10Advanced Encryption Package هذا البرنامج رزمة تشفير قوية تسمح لك بتشفير ملفاتك كما يوفر إنشاء ملف self-decrypting يتضمن البرنامج ملف shredder أيضا الذي يمسح محتويات ملفاتك الأصلية وهو برنامج متكامل مع مستكشف الويندوز كما يدعم AEP2001 كما يتميز بتوفير حماية بدرجة 448 و128 بت.

Advanced Encryption Package
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work with zip archives

Typically you encrypt files because you don't want others to see them, but sometimes you want to send someone an encrypted file

Advanced Encryption Package 2007 includes a file shredder that wipes the contents of your original files It also integrates nicely with Windows Explorer, allowing you to use Explorer's context menus and avoid having another window clutter your screen

Advanced Encryption Package 2007 also uses military grade encryption for protecting your private files Program supports strong encryption algorithms Blowfish with 448 bit key, Rijndael with 256 bit key, CAST with 256 bit key, DES with 128 bit key AEP supports skins technology and has 10 nice additional skins!

Moreover program has full support for ZIP files! Ie ability to add files into ZIP file, browse and extract contents from ZIP file

Advanced Encryption Package is offering best encryption and compression
available in a easy to use package

Here are some key features of Advanced Encryption Package

Using powerful algorithms to encrypt Blowfish with 448 bit key, Rijndael with 256 bit key, CAST with 256 bit key, DESX with 128 bit key
Complete ZIP support (creating zip archives, browsing & extracting ZIP contents)
Making self-extracting encrypted executable files to send it via e-mail to people who do not have AEP2007
Built in file shredder - ie wiping the contents of the original pre-encrypted file beyond recovery to make sure that not even a trace remains after
shredding (matching and exceeding the specifications of the US Department of Defence) to stop hardware recovery tools
Ability to send encrypted files and selfextractors via email (MAPI)
Ability to encrypt text messages to send it via your e-mail program like Outlook Express, Eudora, ICQ and etc
Integrating with Windows (TM) Explorer Ie ability to encrypt/decrypt/shred files directly from Explorer context menu
Complete command line interface support
Ability to assign a riddle with your password inside encrypted file
Built-in packer to reduce a size of encrypted files So,
AEP2007 is not only encryptor, but tool like WinZip!
Skins support! And 12+ nice-looking skins for program
User-Friendly easy-to-understand Graphical interface designed to hide the complexities of encryption technology from the end user


Pentium 166 based IBM PC compatible computer (or higher)
32 Mb of free memory
About 1900 Kb free disk space
A mouse


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