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StuffPlug 3.0.387 BETAStuffPlug مميزات البرنامج : برنامج ذو مميزات كثيرة جداً . ومن أهم هذه المميزات . تستطيع أضهار, جميع الصور . فتح الوصلات في متصفح الحالي . تستطيع تفعيل خاصية تكبير الصور, تفعيل خاصية تكبير الصور المستخدمة في المحادثة . تفعيل خاصية تشغيل اكثر من مسنجر, ألغاء خاصية 5 صور في المحادثة. ألغاء محدودية 3 ملفات فقط . اخفاء الدعايات الآعلانية, أخفاء الدعاية الظاهرة على يسار المتصلين. تستطيع أستخدام محرك بحث أخرو, ألغاء خاصية منع تبادل الملفات .تستطيع وضع رابط لأسمك في المسنجر

StuffPlug 3.0.387 BETA

With the introduction of Windows Live Messenger 8 a new message type was introduced too. You can now show messages in the conversation window just like the messenger notes! You can scare and amaze your friends with any message, and they won't even know it was you!

Block Talking
Have you ever gotten sick and tired of a contact constantly talking to you, but you couldn't block him or her because you needed to talk to him every now and then? With StuffPlug's blocktalk, you can block them and still be able to talk to them when you need them!

Boost character limit
Messenger itself has a limit of a maximum of 400 characters per message. Using Messenger Plus! you can boost that to about 1500. But now you can boost it even further to a whopping 4000 characters with StuffPlug!

Chat-only name
The chat-only name is a feature that allows your name in conversations to be different from that in the contact-list. For example your name could be "Tom - Hurrah, My name is in the StuffPlug FAQ", while in conversations it would only show "Tom".

Content stealer
The content stealer allows you to steal virtually anything from your contacts. You can get their display pictures (even the dynamic ones), custom emoticons, and winks. It allows you to either save them for later use, or add them to your own collection with the click of a button!

Invite your friends to fake activities. Just as you could invite your friends to a game of tic-tact-toe, bejeweled, or minesweeper, you can now invite them for any imaginary activity. Always a good trick to surpise your contacts!

Friendlyname Editor
Getting tired of having to visit the options dialog everytime you want to change your name on Messenger? Turn on StuffPlug's FriendlyName editor and change your friendlyname the same way as you would change your personal status message!

Status Conversation Icons
With Status Icons the icon of each conversation will reflect the status of the contact you're talking with. This allows for quick spotting or multiple-user conversations, or offline contacts.

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